Q What is Indian Art Ideas?

Indian art Ideas (IAI) is an e-commerce platform or internet marketplace that allows individual Indian artists, artisans, art galleries, artefact sellers and even individual art collectors to sell their artworks globally through its website. It helps young as well as established artists to break away from the shackles of traditional art galleries and sell their work directly to buyers.

In a short span of time, IAI has carved a niche for itself in the market and today it boasts to have one of the most extensive collection of Indian art that includes paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, artefacts etc., amongst others.

Q What are the services provided by Indian Art Ideas?

For Artists – We help Indian artists promote their artworks online and sell them to prospective buyers sitting in the comfort of their home or studio. With Indian Art Ideas, artists no longer need to make multiple trips to an art gallery to find the ‘sell status’ of their artworks. It makes selling artworks simpler and easier, just at the click of mouse. The portal has an extensive collection of a variety of contemporary, modern, traditional and tribal artworks from artists spread across India. Such works are a representation from a carefully selected group of talented upcoming and established Indian artists and all such original works come with an authenticity certificate signed directly by the artist.

For Collectors – We help art collectors choose from a wide range of Indian art and artists. They can read, compare, judge an artwork or an artist by simply logging in to our website. With IAI, art collectors no longer need to visit an art gallery to make a purchase. They can make a purchase directly from our website and get the artwork delivered at their chosen location. Collectors can also avail our art resell services and be assured of getting best prices.

Bespoke Art – We undertake special projects to provide customized art solutions for our esteemed clients. With IAI, art collectors can commission an artwork or a series based on their personal choices and requirements. We take of all the logistics involved. "You desire we create" – is our motto when it comes to customized art. So any and every form of personalized art service including but not limited to custom portraits, customized paintings, concept-based murals, artefacts, sculptures etc., are created dexterously by our team of skilled artists and designers.

Blog - Our dedicated art blog keeps you posted on interesting articles related to Indian art and helps in the exchange of views within the art community.

Art library - Our comprehensive and unique art library assimilates useful articles based upon various topics related to Art. Such articles add heaps to your knowledge base


Q How do I choose an artwork through Indian Art Ideas?

Choosing an artwork from Indian art ideas is easy. If you are a collector, all you need to do is create a collector’s account in the website. It is a simple process. Fill in a small form; choose a login, password, and register. Login to website with the provided credentials and you will be able to view our entire art collection – paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, artefacts etc. You will also have the option to customize your search according to price, art category and artists. Besides the filter options also help in choosing art by style, subject, medium, price, and even color.

Q Will the photograph on the site be an actual representation of the work bought?

We ensure that the photographs uploaded on our website conform to high quality standards and are an exact replication of the artwork. As such, it is highly unlikely that there would differences exist between the two, except the fact that one is a photograph and the other, the real artwork. Many a times, a buyer might feel a difference between the photograph and the printed artwork due to one of the following factors:

  1. Lighting conditions in the room where the artwork has been hung
  2. Usage of glass in the frame or other surface protective layering
  3. Color of the background/ wall on which the frame has been hung
Q Can I see the artwork physically before I buy?

No. The intent of IAI is to reduce the logistics of physical movement of collectors, artists and artworks. As such, no physical inspection is provided. However, for extremely high value artworks, an inspection can be organized. Nevertheless, these would be an exception and not the rule and decided on a case-to-case basis

Q Are the prices negotiable?

The prices of all items listed on our website have been arrived at after careful evaluation of multiple factors, including the interest of collectors or buyers. As such, we price negotiation is not a part of our policy.

Q Can I reserve a painting for myself once I like it?

An artwork cannot be ‘reserved’ in the true sense of the word. However, as a prospective buyer you can add it to your ‘favorites list’ and check for it in the future. All artworks added by you to your ‘favorites list’ will continue to appear on your account until the time the artwork has been sold or you yourself remove it from your list.

Q Once I like a painting, how do I place my order?

Once you have selected an artwork, it is simple to order for it. You just need to login with your credentials and place your order by clicking on the ‘add to cart’ link alongside the artwork. Once done, you need to make your payments and it is done. The functionality of buying on the IAI website is similar to most e-commerce websites.

Q Can I find a specific item from your web catalog?

Search at IndianArtIdeas is highly simplified. You can type any keywords/exact artwork or artist name/lot no etc., in the search box at the top to find what you need. In addition, in case, you have a detailed specification you can use the "Advance Search" function on our website to find results that match your specifications.

Q Do I get an Authenticity Certificate with all works I buy through Indian Art Ideas?

Indian Art Ideas is committed to ensure that original artworks and artists are promoted through its website. Every artwork sold through IAI website is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity (except for Traditional artworks, prints, photographs and artefacts) from the artist stating the originality of the artwork. This certificate assures you of authenticity and helps in reselling an artwork, if you wish to in the future. Traditional art, as specified above, is not accompanied with an authenticity certificate because local artisans (of selected regions in India) who continue to paint such art form from one generation to another make such art.

Q Are all these works of art originals?

Mostly artworks sold on Indian Art Ideas are original and are accompanied with an authenticity certificate except for Traditional artworks as indicated earlier. However, in addition to original artworks in some cases the artists have also made available open edition prints on paper and canvas and photographs for sale. Such prints and photographs are not accompanied with an authenticity certificate.

Q If I buy a resale artwork, how do I know it is original?

For every artwork, appearing for resale on our website the reseller provides us with the authenticity certificate or the provenance of the artwork at the time of uploading his artwork. In case you wish to see these documents, you can email us with your request to view the same at [email protected]. We request you to satisfy yourself thoroughly with the genuineness of these documents before buying an artwork. Moreover, do confirm back to us the receipt of these documents along with the artwork after you have purchased it!

Q I am confused on what to buy, can I get expert assistance?

Art is an individual choice and varies from person to person. You should therefore choose and buy art that appeal to you. The IAI website too can help you in your search. It has been created with multiple user friendly features that help you select artworks based on different art forms and types like landscapes, portraits etc. Depending on your liking, you can choose the ones you like best. If you are still not confident about your choices, then you can reach out to us through our Art Advisory feature and our expert art curators will help you find the right art according to your taste.

Q Can I cancel an order after I have placed it?

Our order processing and delivering speeds up as soon as clear payment is reflected in our account. Hence, we do not allow cancellation of a confirmed order by the customer.


Q How do you pack the artwork to ensure it reaches safe?

All the artworks appearing on the website have a mention of their shipping condition along with other details. The works can be shipped in a rolled, stretched or framed condition. All artworks are sent primarily in a rolled form wherein they are securely rolled and packed in PVC tubes to avoid chances of any damage en-route. In cases where the nature of artwork does not permit rolling, the stretched and framed works are packed securely in appropriate boxes and shipped using a reliable courier.

Q How soon will I receive my order?

The shipping is initiated as soon as the payment is credited to our account. Typically, it takes about 8-10 working days for the artwork to reach your place. The time varies depending upon where the artwork needs to be shipped. For international orders (outside India), the delivery period could be longer depending on location.

Q What is the sequence of events once I order an artwork? Can I track my Order?

Once we receive an order, we inform the artist immediately so that he gets the artwork ready to be shipped. As soon as the payment is credited to our bank account, we ask the artist to ship the works to you using a reputed and reliable courier. The final payment is transferred to the artist only when the customer confirms a satisfactory receipt of the artwork. Our efficient order tracking ensures that you get an update of your ordering status at each step. All you need to do is to log in to your account and check the status of your order under the "Track Order" section. We request you also to update the status of your order timely by logging in to your account to help us serve you better.

Q What after I have received my order?

After you have received your order, you need to inform us about the safe delivery of the artwork. Only after confirmation from your end about the safe delivery, payment is released to the respective artist. Moreover, we would love to hear your feedback on your experience of shopping through us. Your feedback is extremely valuable as we endeavor to improve every day to serve you still better.

Q Under what circumstances can I return/Exchange an artwork?

Artworks received in an unsatisfactory condition by the buyer may be returned to Indian Art Ideas (after intimating Indian Art Ideas to that effect) within 2-3 working days in an 'as is' condition. In such a case, Indian Art Ideas will refund the payment to the buyer and cancel the order. However, the unsatisfactory condition will only be covered for damaged or spoilt condition, and NOT because the buyer did not like the artwork, he has purchased.

Alternatively, should a Seller become aware of any reason, which may cause a delay in delivery of an Artwork, the seller will notify us immediately of such reason and expected delay time. On being so notified, IndianArtIdeas may attempt to contact the concerned Buyer and/or offer a refund with regard to such sale of the Art Work and/or cancel the order with respect to such Art Work


Q Should I post my collection only if I want to buy sell artworks?

Buying and selling is a secondary objective of IndianArtIdeas, given the high commissions art collectors pay for transacting in the secondary market. The primary objective is to serve as a meeting ground for artists and art collectors. Hence, collectors are encouraged to post their artworks for sharing/reselling with other like-minded collectors.

Q If I want to resell my art, is there any listing fee?

There is no listing fee for reselling of art through Indian Art Ideas. As a platform however, we charge a certain percentage on sale of artworks listed by you for sale.

Q Please explain the process of reselling the artwork I possess in my collection?

Reselling with IAI is extremely simple and convenient for collectors, resellers and art galleries. In order to resell your artwork you need to sign up with us as a collector and click on resell your artwork icon in your profile. Remember to keep a high-resolution image of the artwork and a copy of its authenticity/provenance handy when choosing to resell your artwork. In case an artist whose works you wish to add is not present in the artist dropdown please drop us an email request with the artist profile at [email protected] to add the artist name to our artist list and we will do the needful at the earliest.

Q Can you help me set the price of the artwork I wish to resell?

In order to arrive at a correct price of an artwork we suggest you please refer to the prevailing artist rates for the said artist and his course of progression. Moreover, please do account for our commission and shipping charges when you arrive at the pricing.

Q Do I need to pay to post my collection on IndianArtIdeas?

Posting by collectors is free on IndianArtIdeas. The collectors can post any number of artworks for selling/sharing on IndianArtIdeas.

Q I have uploaded the image of my artwork but it is still not showing on the website?

All artworks uploaded on the website show up in the backend office for editing. Once edited they are visible on the website. This may take 2-3 working days in case we have many works waiting for editing at the backend.

Q What if the image of my artwork is not being uploaded at all?

In case, an image is not getting uploaded check for the following issues:

  • Image is in .jpeg, .jpg or .gif format only and does not exceed 1 Mb in size. In case the artwork is bigger in size, you can reduce the size by using the paint function in your computer.
  • All other information related to the painting is entered correctly and in line with the prompts shown along with.
Q Once uploaded, where can I see my paintings on the website?

Artworks posted on Indian Art Ideas are visible under various categories:

  • The entire art collection can be viewed under the Gallery.
  • Works posted by collectors can be seen under "Share/Re-sell Art" link.
  • Under 'Shop Top categories' which classifies uploaded art under categories.
  • Freshly posted works can also be seen under the "Recently Added" section.
Q What do I do if I want to cancel my work from the website or if I wish to edit the information that I have given against it?

You can delete any work from your collection by simply going to "View Collection" in your personal area. In case you wish to do any other editing or modification wrt, the artworks please email us the details and we will do the needful on your behalf.

Q When and how will I receive payment for an artwork sold from my collection?

You will receive your payment within 7-10 working days working after the buyer confirms satisfactory receipt of the artwork shipped by you. The payment shall be made via bank transfer using the bank details updated by you in your profile.

Q What happens if the artwork is damaged in transit?

If a rare instance of the artwork being damaged in transit, we will connect with the buyer to understand the nature of damage. If the claim of damage is genuine, we will ask the buyer to return the artwork back to you. Therefore, it is advisable to pack your artwork with extra care and hire the services of a professional courier agency for shipping the artworks. Please feel free to get in touch with us in case you need help on packing the artwork.

Q What is the best way to courier the artwork?

It is always safer to get your artwork rolled rather than getting it framed, as it is a safer option. A rolled artwork is less likely to be damaged whereas a framed artwork has chances of breakage or other kinds of damage during transportation.


Q What are prints? Why should I buy a print?

Prints are printed versions of an artist’s artworks on paper or canvas - a replication of an artist’s artwork. Prints are much more affordable and cheaper compared to originals. A Print is also not exclusive which means that the same artwork may be possessed by multiple people (limited to few people in case it is a limited edition print) whereas an original is an exclusive artwork. An original artwork will be restricted to one owner.

Buying prints is always a win-win since it enables you to own the art piece you have always desired for without burning a hole in your pocket.

Q What are open edition prints and limited edition prints?

Open edition prints are printed copies of an artist’s artwork such as a painting, on paper or canvas, which are re-printed and sold to buyers as long as the artist wishes them to be available in the market. In open edition prints, there are no fixed numbers assigned to the number of prints an artist intends to sell of a specific artwork. The prints we sell are mostly open edition prints.

In case of a limited edition print, an artist announces at the beginning the number of prints he intends to sell of a particular artwork in the market. The artist himself hand prints and numbers the artworks. He may choose to print as etchings, wood cuts, lithographs, or even serigraphs.

Q What kind of prints you offer?

We sell open edition prints on paper as well as canvas. All details regarding an artwork, including the print type are mentioned alongside each artwork in our gallery.