In order to be able to register with Indianartideas (henceforth referred to as “The Website”) and upload, share and sell artworks the collector (“You”) should abide by the below mentioned terms and conditions:

  1. Indianartideas reserves the right to accept/ decline your registration application. You warrant that all the information provided to Indianartideas is accurate, and up to date at all times.
  2. Placing works for sale on www.Indianartideas.in constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of our terms & conditions. Unless rescinded/cancelled by Indian Art Ideas within 8 working days on account of a default of payment by the buyer, such acceptance results in an enforceable contact of sale. The contract of sale is between Indian Art Ideas (acting as the agent of the buyer) and the reseller.
  3. Indianartideas reserves the right to accept or reject artworks uploaded by You for any reason that it may deem fit in reasonable course of business.
  4. You are free to market Your artwork through other channels (at a price equal to or higher than the price specified to us) simultaneously but in case an artwork is sold through other channels you should immediately inform us and remove the said artwork from our website.
  5. To display and sell the work the collector should possess one or more of the following documents:
    1. An authenticity certificate/ proof of the work.
    2. A letter of provenance, tracing the movement of the artwork from its origin to the present ownership.
    3. A letter stating that he (the collector) is liable for the authenticity of the work and will furnish appropriate supporting purchase documents, if required.
  6. The selling collector should also certify that:
    1. He/she is the sole, absolute and rightful owner of this work and is able to transfer the work as marketable property, free from any lines, encumbrances, unpaid taxes and dues or charges, if he/she decides to sell this work.
    2. There are no legal proceedings pending in respect of the work and it is not the subject matter of any dispute.
    3. The artwork is an authentic artwork of the artist. In the event of doubts regarding the authenticity of the artwork, Indianartideas will have limited liability. The buyer may choose to take suitable action against you as the reseller, including but not limited to, civil and criminal action. IndianArtideas.in provides a meeting ground for various collectors and is not involved in the authenticity or legality of any transaction between two collectors.
  7. Once an artwork is duly approved by Us, the information provided cannot be altered. You can, however, delete/remove an artwork uploaded by You.
  8. The price quoted by the collector must be inclusive of VAT (if applicable), the delivery, packing and insurance costs and Indianartideas commission. Also, once an artwork listing is accepted, You agree to sell the Artwork at the accepted price.
  9. In the event of a sale, You have to ship the artworks securely packed, labelled and insured to the Buyer, at the information furnished by Us, directly through a reputed courier. The costs pertinent to the packaging, delivery and insurance, if any, of the artworks are to be borne by the collector. You will refrain from using your personal contact details on the parcel to avoid a direct connection with buyer in future. You agree that the business relationship is between the buyer and Indianartideas is entirely owned by Indianartideas.
  10. In the event of an unforeseen delay in shipping the artwork You are supposed to duly inform Us mentioning the reason and length of the delay. We will inform the buyer accordingly.
  11. If the Artwork is damaged in transit You will be liable to pay the return courier charges. The buyer will return the artwork to Indianartideas, and we will assess the damage claim and return the artwork to you. Indianartideas will not be liable for any such retrieval cost claims in any case.
  12. Indianartideas will release payment (after deducting our commission) for artworks sold through our resell option after the Buyer confirms satisfactory receipt of the artwork and related authentication. The payment shall be made to the Bank Account details provided by you. You can update the bank details appearing in your personal area at any time.
  13. Indianartideas retains the right to revise this Agreement, in whole or in part, at any time. Your use of the Site or any Content or Services after any revision of this Agreement will constitute your acceptance of the revised Agreement.
  14. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of Sale, Disclaimer and the terms of our Privacy Policy, which together with these terms and conditions govern Your use of the website.
  15. Disputes, if any, would be subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.