People buy art for varied reasons. Some people buy art as an investment, which they believe can withstand standard market economics. For some buying and owning art is a passion, and for some it is an aesthetic element to transform their living or work spaces. Whatever be the reason, it is important that you buy an art that pleases your senses and makes you feel content every time you gaze at it.

Although there is no standard definition to explain what constitutes ‘good art’, one can judge a good piece of art by keeping in mind factors like the reputation of the artist, type of artwork, aesthetic appeal, subject of the artwork amongst others. Buying good art is a very personal choice and sometimes it overrules all the above factors.

Why buy online?

IndianArtIdeas is a premier online art gallery that connects all the stakeholders in the art buying process. It brings together artists, collectors, re-seller, dealers, and gallery owners - all at one place. Through an online platform like us, every stakeholder is provided with a wide range of options to choose from, thereby enhancing their overall art buying experience. Other benefits of online buying include:

a) Choosing with Ease - Buying art online through IndianArtIdeas is easy and comfortable. You do not need to physically visit an art gallery to buy your favorite piece of art. Moreover, you are not limited for options. You can browse through thousands of carefully picked artworks, choose the artwork you would like, make a purchase and get it delivered to at your chosen location. All of this sitting at the comfort of your home or office

b) Research and Compare– At IndianArtIdeas you can make a comprehensive assessment about your chosen artwork before you decide to finally make a purchase. You can compare the artwork of your choice with hundreds of other artworks and artists listed and then take a decision. We provide relevant details about not just the artwork but also the artist. All this will help you take an informed decision.

c) Competitive Pricing – We offer a highly competitive pricing for all the artworks listed on our portal. Besides, since we encourage many upcoming talented artists our collection becomes all the more affordable for art collectors.

d) Art Advisory – Our art Advisory team is always there to solve all your dilemmas and help you make up your mind in order to own an art piece. In the process, we suggest options, guide and help make you choose the right art for your lovely abode.

e) You desire We Create – This unique on demand customized art option is peculiar to IndianArtIdeas. We take pride in giving wings to your dream. Whatever be your thought/idea we are there by your side to bring that to life and lend you that Bespoke art piece to your utmost satisfaction.

f) Design Ideas – Through this unique section we endeavor to give a new look to one or the other corner of your cherished abode. We recreate the very look of the place by adorning it with carefully crafted art pieces. Feel free to contact us in case you wish to makeover any such space in your home/office.

How to choose the right art

There is no such thing as ‘right art’. It is a subject of personal choice and admiration. As a leading online art gallery, we can however help you with some part of the process. IndianArtIdeas hasmultiple sections and filters to help you browse through various art forms by different artists. The art collection is also sorted based on art styles, form and subjects to help you choose from a myriad collection of artworks.

For help on art installation, you need to avail of our specialized art advisory services. For further details on the scope of services offered, please write to us at [email protected] and we would love to assist you on that.