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Are you an?

  • Artist looking to sell your paintings on the World Wide Web, to art lovers all over the globe?
  • Artefact seller looking to put up your uniquely created work online so that everyone can appreciate your creativity?
  • Art collector seeking a platform to sell/share artworks from your existing art collection?

Look no further!

Indianartideas.in is an amazing art platform that not only enables you to sell your art creations to patrons across the globe, but also brings contemporary communities of art purveyors, collectors, experts, and artists closer.

We encourage talented upcoming artists also besides collaborating with the highly established Indian masters, to showcase their talent on our vibrant platform. With over 1500+ artists putting their art for sale with us, Indian Art Ideas holds a colossal assortment of 15000+ artworks, paintings and sculptures from all genres of arts like abstract, modern, traditional, folk et al.

Selling art through us is highly convenient, as our diligent support staff offers assistance at every step of your artworks’ journey, from worthwhile clients expressing interest to final delivery and payment !

So go ahead ! Let Indian Art Ideas Be Your Ardent partner!

Quick and easy steps to put your creations for sale on Indian Art Ideas:

Log onto www.indianartideas.in and click on the “Sign Up” option located on the upper right corner of the page.

Choose account type by either selecting

  • Artist
    Artist (those who create paintings/ art/ sculptures/ prints/ photographs etc) or
  • Artefact Seller
    Artefact Seller
    Artefact Seller (those interested in showcasing their artefacts) as per your vocation.
  • Collector
    Collector(for art collectors)

If you want to register as an Artist and start selling your art to buyers worldwide, click on the Artist icon.

This will bring you to the “Artist registration” page. Thereafter, you just have to follow three simple steps and complete the desired details:

  • step-1 Basic Info, which includes personal details like name, address, email address, mobile number etc.
  • step-2 Profile Info, such as name, your photograph (width or length of 800 pixels), detailed bio-data including educational qualifications, passions, achievements, accolades, etc.(Note: Do not forget to enter the details of exhibitions/shows you have participated in.)
  • step-3 Upload Art, wherein you are required to upload 5 high-quality images of your artworks. The images should be 1200 pixel in length or width.

Make sure that the artwork you are uploading is not already sold.

For every artwork, you can fill in specifics and details like category, art style, shipping condition, title and price. You can price your art your way and we will use our expertise to showcase it to the right set of buyers/art collectors.

Our Art Curation team will evaluate your application in a maximum time of 7-8 working days and will let you know if we can showcase your works on Indianartideas.


If you want to register as an Artefact Seller, click on the Artefact Seller icon.

This will bring you to the “Artefact Seller registration” page. Now you simply fill in these details:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • A brief description of your business
  • Upload an image of the artefact width or length of 800 pixels).

Make sure that the artefact you are uploading is not already sold.

This is it! Your artefact is now available to a wide and discerning clientele!

For both artists and artefact sellers selling post registration approval becomes highly convenient.

We will inform you when an art collector buys your artwork. In such a case all you have to do is to pack and courier the artwork as per the basic specifications shared.

HOLA ! You are done ! Its time to sit back and relax

Your payment will be released within 15 working days of the buyer confirming a safe and orderly receipt of the artwork


If you are a Collector, as soon as you sign up, you will be registered on the website.

Now, you have to open up your Collector’s Dashboard by clicking on your account name, displayed on the upper right corner of the row of tabs.

In Collector’s Dashboard, click on the ‘Upload an Artwork’ tab under the option ‘Resell Your Art’.

This will open up the page ‘Post An Artwork’, where you would have to:

  • Upload image of artwork from your personal collection that you intend to resell
  • Mention the name of the Artist
  • Fill in other details such as category, subject, art style, shipping information, title, and listed price. (Collectors are advised to read the commission charge information given on the page carefully to avoid any confusion)
  • Provide more relevant information about the artefact, such as size, medium, surface, a brief description of the work etc.
  • Upload the Authenticity Certificate that ensures the genuineness of the artwork. (No artwork will be approved without the authenticity certificate)

And just like that, you are done showcasing your valuable piece for other art lovers to enjoy and buy!


Pro Tip: You can always incorporate relevant keywords related to your artwork in the ‘Search Keywords’ section.

If you require further assistance, mail us directly at [email protected]

For all those artists who are keen to collaborate with a reputed online gallery to put their original art up for sale, Indian Art Ideas is the place your creations need to occupy pride of place!

Why Sell Art at Indian Art Ideas?

Hakuna matata! No worries here!

Indian Art Ideas not only offers art lovers a humongous range of alluring and aesthetic paintings, but also provides an opportunity for artists to brighten up their life’s canvas by focusing on what they specialize in i.e, creation indeed!

Our platform is a golden opportunity for all you hidden gems that are still seeking a credible online marketplace to display your paintings for sale. Easy access to your account and streamlined chat support is always available to solve all your queries in a jiffy.

Along with our emerging-artist-centric disposition, we offer a great environment for established artists who want to utilize a reputed online platform to diversify their patron base as well as attain higher acclaim and fame.

A few of the captivating reasons to entice you to join Indian Art Ideas:

We empower our artists by offering them a mini webpage on our art portal including a personalized Login and Password to manage their artworks as they prefer. You can upload as many works as you want, and also set the price as per your determination of its value.

Contact us at [email protected] for more details on commission. Including the shipment cost and commission into your evaluation of art’s price gives you an upper hand. You can also put up prints of your paintings for sale.

We are a prominent online platform that is known for keeping a vast stock of amazing artwork for sale. Our professionals leave no room for error while promoting the work of our artists and resellers. We harness the power of the web and social media to reach the correct demographic of buyers to sell art. Our SEO and content team ensures relevant prospects are funneled through to your art.

We envision prolific creativity in India with its rich heritage of art, and we feel it’s our responsibility to popularize the culture of our nation throughout the world. We do this by promoting our artists and their work in the right ways. Our objective is to bring about a resurgence of the golden era of Indian art. To paraphrase Armstrong, it is a small step now, but a giant leap ahead.

We give security prime priority with a safe platform for creators to submit genuine artworks and paintings for sale. We do not tolerate or condone any kind of fraud. Our payment gateway is extremely secure and reliable, because we know it takes peace of mind to keep creating wonderful art.

At Indian Art Ideas: we truly explore avenues to expand reach of Indian art to billions of hearts and minds.


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