Shilpa Gupta


Born in 1976, Mumbai-based artist Shilpa Gupta is famous for her contemporary paintings. She is an inter-disciplinary painter, whose work magnificently makes use of photography, performance, sound, and video to explore and capture themes, such as security, desire, and religious issues illustrating borders, militarism, and nation’s identity in her work.

Education & Work

Shilpa Gupta earned a Bachelor degree in Sculpture from Sir J.J. School of Art (Mumbai) in the year 1997. As compared to many of her contemporary artists, she considers the Internet as an important part of the modern day existence, and therefore, prefers to exhibit her work to viewers by employing various technology-driven channels. She is a social activist and most of her work is based on the audience participation to facilitate candid communication on various issues, which shapes contemporary life, in particular, the life of young adults.

Gupta, in her work, touches multiple aspects of the current and universal issues, such as environmental degradation, terrorism, war, globalization, human rights, intolerance, and gender politics. Amongst her famous solo presentations in India and abroad are Media Art Asia Pacific Space exhibited in Brisbane in 2013, “Will We Ever be Able to Mark Enough?” organized by the Museum voor Moderne Kunst in 2012, “Someone Else” displayed at Mumbai and Bristol in 2012, “Will We Ever be Able to Mark Enough?” showcased in Montreal in 2011, “A Bit Closer” presented at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati in the year 2010, “Half a Sky” at the OK Center for Contemporary Art (Linz) in 2010, to name a few.

Her majestic paintings are exhibited by the Apeejay Media Gallery (New Delhi) in 2007, Sakshi Gallery (Mumbai) in 2007, Bose Pacia Gallery (New York) in 2006, the Queens Museum (New York) in 2005, and the Tate Modern (London) in 2001. She completed an interactive Internet-based project ‘Blessed’ in 2003. She has also participated in joint exhibitions, such as “While I Sleep” at the Le Laboratoire (Paris) in 2009, and “Wayside Deity” at the Art Inc Gallery (New Delhi) in 2002.

Awards and Accolades

In 2004, Shilpa Gupta received the Sanskriti Prathisthan Award (New Delhi), Transmediale Award (Berlin), and International Artist of the Year (Canada). She bagged the prestigious Leonardo Global Crossings Award in 2005. She received Bienal Award in the year 2011; while in 2013, she was honored with the 2012-2013 YFLO Titan Young Women Achievers Awards in New Delhi.

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