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1  How do I choose an artwork through Indianartideas?

One can go to our gallery and browse through an extensive collection of a wide variety of artworks. Besides the filter options also help in choosing art by style, subject, medium, price and even color.

2  Can I see the artwork physically before I buy?

Being an online click and buy portal it is not possible for us to arrange for physical viewing. However, we may arrange for physical viewing in selected cases especially the work in question is a highly expensive work and the buyer is proximate to our location.

3  Are the prices negotiable?

Our prices are all inclusive and most competitive across the internet. Moreover, our low commissions make the prices all the more lowest.

4  Can I reserve a painting for myself once I like it?

Artworks can't be reserved as such but can definitely be added to ones favorites. This can be done by clicking on the "Add to favorite" button next to the artwork you like. All such artworks would then be saved for future viewing till the time they get sold off or you actually choose to delete them.

5  Can I find a specific item from your web catalog?

Search at Indianartideas is highly simplified. You can type any keywords/exact artwork or artist name/lot no etc., in the search box at the top to find what you need. Also in case you have a detailed specification you can use the "Advance Search" function on our website to find results that match your requirement specifically.

6  Do I get an Authenticity Certificate with all works I buy through Indian Art Ideas?

All artworks posted at Indianartideas come with an Authenticity certificate duly signed by the artist. Only the Traditional art is not accompanied with an authenticity certificate. This is because such art is made by local craftsmen (of selected regions in India) who continue to paint such art form from one generation to another.

7  Can I cancel an order after I have placed it?

Our order processing and delivering speeds up as soon as clear payment gets reflected in our account. Hence, we do not allow cancellation of a confirmed order by the customer.

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