What is the Bauhaus style?

The Bauhaus movement, which originated in Germany in the early twentieth century, was a pioneering and important design movement. The Bauhaus movement, founded by architect Walter Gropius in 1919, aimed to bridge the gap between fine arts and crafts by integrating them around the ideas of functionalism, simplicity, and modernism.

Key Principles of the Bauhaus Style

Form Follows Function: One of the foundational principles of the Bauhaus style is the idea that the design of an object should be determined by its intended function. This emphasis on functionality and practicality led to streamlined and minimalist designs.

Simplicity and Rationality: The Bauhaus style embraced simplicity and rationality in design. Unnecessary ornamentation and decoration were discarded in favor of clean lines, geometric shapes, and harmonious proportions.

Modern Materials and Techniques: Bauhaus artists and designers embraced modern materials and manufacturing techniques, such as steel, glass, and concrete. These materials allowed for the creation of innovative and efficient designs.

Integration of Arts and Crafts: The Bauhaus attempted to erase the distinction between fine arts and crafts. It promoted collaboration among artists, architects, and craftspeople in order to develop coherent, harmonious designs.

Emphasis on Mass Production: The Bauhaus style aspired to make good design accessible to the masses. By embracing mass production techniques, the movement aimed to create functional and affordable objects for everyday use.


The Bauhaus movement was a pioneering design movement that aimed to merge excellent arts and crafts while adhering to pragmatism, simplicity, and modernity principles. Walter Gropius created the Bauhaus in 1919, and it had a tremendous impact on current design and architecture. Its emphasis on usefulness, simplicity, and the utilisation of arts and crafts continues to inspire and influence contemporary designers and artists worldwide. The Bauhaus movement continues to exhibit design's capacity to change and improve the world we live in.


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