What is Concrete Art?

Early in the 20th century, concrete art—also referred to as non-objective art—was created as a response to prevailing aesthetic trends. This genre emphasizes geometric shapes, clean lines, and the exclusion of natural objects or subjects. The Russian Constructivist movement and the Dutch De Stijl movement are the origins of concrete art. However, the mid-20th century saw the rise of the Concrete Art movement in Europe, marking its pinnacle.

Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian, among others, were influential on the movement because they wanted to overcome the limitations of conventional artistic depiction. They believed that there should be no references to the natural world in art; it should only be abstract. Concrete art was created as a result of their quest for abstraction and purity.

Qualities of Concrete Art

Several distinctive qualities differentiate concrete art from other types of art:

Geometric Precision: 

The core of Concrete Art is an obsession with flawless geometry. Artists in this genre build their works using basic shapes like squares, circles, triangles, and lines. These forms are organized with structure and purpose.

The Purest Form of Abstraction: 

There is absolutely no representation in concrete art. It doesn't depict any well-known real-world objects, circumstances, or people. Rather, it places a strong emphasis on pure abstraction, urging spectators to comprehend the piece either intellectually or emotionally.

Mathematical Rigor: 

Numerous works of Concrete Art are built strictly according to mathematical principles. To produce compositions that feel harmonic and balanced, artists use mathematical concepts like proportion, symmetry, and rhythm.

Bright Colours: 

Certain Concrete Art sculptures employ a restricted range of colors, but others employ vivid and opposing shades to generate striking visual effects. Color is used as a powerful tactic to boost the artwork's impact.

Two-Dimensional Flatness and Properties: 

Concrete art is usually two-dimensional, flat, and heavily emphasizes the surface of the painting. The focus is on the relationships between forms and colors rather than creating the illusion of depth.

Impact in the Field of Art

The world of art is greatly influenced by Concrete Art. It created fresh perspectives on aesthetics and art while challenging conventional creative traditions. Among the noteworthy results and contributions of this movement are:

Extending the Meaning of Art: 

The art world was forced to expand its definition of what art is by Concrete Art. It advocated abandoning representation in favor of abstraction to encourage viewers to engage with art on a deeper, more cerebral level.

Influence of Architecture and Design: 

The exacting mathematical calculations and strong geometric forms of Concrete Art found their way into architecture and design. The movement's focus on pragmatism and simplicity influenced Le Corbusier and other architects.

Optical Schematic: 

The Optical Art (Op Art) movement, which used optical illusions and visual effects to take abstract geometric art to new heights, was made possible by Concrete Art. Op art gained popularity all around the world, making artists like Richard Anuszkiewicz and Bridget Riley well-known.

Beyond International Boundaries: 

With artists from all around the world contributing to the movement, concrete art was a global phenomenon. It encouraged global cooperation and discussion among reviewers, artists, and art enthusiasts.


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