Traditionally, for purchasing paintings, people would visit an art gallery. But, with the penetration of technology in every aspect of our lives, how things used to operate has changed altogether. But, there is a slight trick when you are to buy paintings online because of the plethora of paintings available online. It becomes hard to choose when you have so many options. So, we have compiled a list of best religious paintings for you.

1. Natraj by Mrinal Dutt

Paintings Online - Natraj by Mrinal Dutt

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The artwork has been made by acrylic colors on canvas. The painting depicts Lord Shiva in his materialistic form of Shivalinga. The central theme of the painting is the phallic symbol. But, figures forming the backdrop for the painting is as important. This is so because there are two motifs behind the Linga. One is of Mahishasurmardini Durga who is an embodiment of Shakti, Shiva’s consort. The other figure is of Natraj or that form of Lord Shiva who invented the art of Dance. Generally, Natraj is depicted by a dancing figure encircled by a circle which shows that his existence is beyond the limitation of time and space.

The painting is made by an artist who has not received any formal education in art. Mrinal Dutt hails from Bengal and now resides in Ahmedabad. He has a signature style of his own with which anyone could identify easily. He marks all his paintings with a peculiar dripping technique.

2. Buddha Journey- Towards the Enlightenment Series 2 by Nitu Chhajer

Paintings Online - Buddha Journey Towards the Enlightenment Series 2 by Nitu Chhajer

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This beautiful creation is created by the prestigious artist Nitu Chhajer. The artwork portrays the journey of Buddha to attain Kevalya or Enlightenment. The painting is made in her peculiar style. Most of the motifs are composed of circles within circles which seems as if there are small dots that are connected to develop intricate patterns in this painting online.

The countenance of Lord Buddha is serene and composed. It reflects the blissful state and the state of attaining the highest level of consciousness within the human body. His forehead gleams and his whole existence is emanating the spiritual energy. He is above the cyclical process of life and death. His heart is now devoid of any materialistic desire. A glance at this creation could calm any jittery soul.

3. Shakti by Subrata Ghosh

Paintings Online - Shakti by Subrata Ghosh

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Shakti is the reason for the wheel of existence to churn. Without her, there would be no Maya and no materialism. The souls would fall back to The One and there would be nothing but the divine silence. She is the embodiment of nature, the fierce force that drives all life forms and endows them the ability to remain alive.

It is observed that the painter Subrata Ghosh has painted the eyes closed while a third eye in between the eyebrows remains open. This shows that Shakti is the ultimate truth. She sees and hears all. The third eye represents the attainment of the wisdom of the highest order. She is the one who made the Adi-Yogi Lord Shiva realize that how important it is to lead the domesticated life. Without the material world, all the things would mingle into the primary sound of divinity. Shakti is the transforming and dynamic energy as against permanent energy. The former is denoted by flowing water, moon, air, seasons, etc. while the latter is denoted by sun, mountains, land, etc.

4. Maha Lakshmi by Arjun Das

Paintings Online - Maha Lakshmi by Arjun Das

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Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and was unearthed during the divine churning of the ocean to extract the elixir of life. She descended the depths of the ocean after sage Durvasa cursed Indra, the God of rain and lightning, to lose all his wealth. To take her out of the depths, Asura and Devta combined their forces to churn the ocean and distribute the exploits of that.

Demons were tricked not having Lakshmi and the divine nectar. If that would have happened, they would have unleashed their fury unto the whole world. However, their Guru Shukracharya did severe penance to please Lord Shiva and he then granted Shukracharya the mantra to resurrect the dead.

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is worshipped in the days of Navratras and Diwali along with Lord Ganesha who is her foster child. She sits on a lotus flower. This artwork made by Arjun Das.

5. God of Love by Ravi Mavache

Paintings online - God of Love by Ravi Mavache

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The artwork depicting the jovial Lord Krishna is made by Ravi Mavache who hails from Varshi, Maharashtra. Love and Krishna are used synonymously in the Indian mythology. The primary motive of Lord Vishnu to incarnate as Lord Krishna was to tech humanity that it is not necessary that the one you love must always stay with you. The first step in any relationship is the acknowledgment of another individual and his freedom. Love is not constriction rather it is liberation.

6. Rose by Shveta Saxena

Paintings online - Rose by Shveta Saxena

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The artwork beckons for the attention of the spectator and them snares them to look into the folds of the petals for as long as it takes. Shveta Saxena has managed to make the rose petals look so enticing and enchanting. The lazy appearance of the creation makes one dumbfounded as it appeals to the basic nature of the man. Its sultry and sundry aspects hidden under the details of faint brushstrokes happens to give a soothing treat to the sight. 

7. Cornucopia- Cup of Happiness by Lavanya Venkatesh

paintings online - Cornucopia- Cup of Happiness by Lavanya Venkatesh

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Once infant Zeus was playing with a goat Amalthea which suckled him on Mount Ida from the evil eye of Kratos, his father. In a playful mood, he grabbed the horn of the goat and broke it. A boon was bestowed upon the goat that her horn would always be filled and would be known as Cornucopia. 

The artist Lavanya Venkatesh was inspired by this story to paint the cup brimming with jewels and cascading down to show the plenty. Here, the cup is described as being filled with happiness as in the end, it is all that matters. 

Now, you must have got some ideas regarding paintings that are available online. Best of luck in choosing one!