Depression can rob you of your capabilities and sense of functionality, which is why finding an adequate solution for the same is important. In times of COVID-19, when the world is working indoors, depression can be painful. Depression is an isolating experience especially when a person is compelled to work remotely with restrictions to avoid meeting family and friends. COVID has compelled people to stay indoors performing monotonous chores with minimal support, reduced fresh air, increased performance pressure, mundane routine causing depression issues to more people.

Nevertheless, to keep you involved, there is a solution to beat this outbreak’s depressing effect. Yes, you can do it with an ‘art therapy’! Art therapy has helped artists like Adrain Hill recover from tuberculosis by its therapeutic effect. Painting and drawing engross both the mind and the body and helps release a person’s creative energy. Not only for the artists but, an art therapy works for viewers too.

Art to Augment Mood:

Science reveals that art is being used for healthcare, especially for mental health support. Research also uncovers the fact that art helps deal with depression and anxiety and assist in enhancing mood. A walk around the art gallery or maybe your home where you have an expansive collection of different art forms can help augment mood and strengthen confidence.

Subsequently, the need to have beautiful prints of scenic beauty, landscape prints, portraits, traditional and religious art forms at home has grown.  Beautiful prints have the capability of releasing mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain, which helps to inspire and motivate a person to avoid despair. 

wild beauty waterfall

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/wild-beauty/16187

If you are feeling frustrated working indoors and have been avoiding vacations for long, ‘art therapy’ can be your guardian angel in dealing with anxiety. Artworks can move and inspire a person by their views, thus having some masterpieces around works as an antidote to anxiety with helping one feel energized all day. When the mind is overthinking about some events in the future and their worrying results, having great artworks by the side can help feel better and think a different way.

Want to know more about art and its perquisites?

See how different art styles can rejuvenate your ambiance and can help you avoid depressing thoughts, check out:

Art Supporting Emotional Recognition

metamorphosisSource- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/metamorphosis-8/16537

Art has the power to evoke emotions and compel the viewer to re-think an action. Art helps to cheer up the mood and inspire a person to do better in life. In times of COVID, when everything seems depressing and scary, great prints of art can help provide comfort. You can buy some stunning paintings from various online art galleries in affordable ranges. You can also enjoy assistance from experts on adequate art type and its suitable placement.

So, bring home that positive vibe by introducing nature through art. Besides, you can also adorn your walls with handmade ceramics, colorful paintings to bring in energy, paintings with a pair of swans, print of a sailboat, prints of cherry blossoms, etc. as these symbolize positivity.

Art to Express Oneself


Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/metamorphosis-5/16540

“Art is a language meant to speak the things that can’t be said.”

‘John Demarco’

When a person feels isolated and depressed, she/he needs a medium to express thoughts and encourage dialogue. Every art tells a story, so when you are feeling low, research about the art mediums that attract you. Understand them to find a piece that you would love to hang on your wall.

Artworks speak a lot about the owner, her/his personality, and what the person values in life. The exercise of surfing through various artforms and selecting the ones that resonate with you is a superb way of expressing yourself. Finding art that brings in positive energy helps to boost mood and avoid negativity even in hard times. Moreover, something that you like will always help you avoid distraction and be focused on future goals.

Art to Boost Mood


Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/flowers/16866

A person needs to be around something that empowers and energizes at times when there is a low feeling. Well made artworks can enhance neurochemicals in our brain, enhancing mood. Consequently, when you feel low, you can explore stunning collections online on art galleries like indianartideas.in to buy from renowned artists like Harpreet Kaur, Dhirendra Mangade, etc.

Art for Emotional Development


Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/terminator/17442

Art can help improve the life of dementia patients and also helps with social and emotional development. This is the reason more homes and even hospitals today consider having artworks to help reduce developmental disorders. It is suggested for people who often feel depressed and lonely to have beautiful artworks at home to gaze at and to communicate to. It is also suggested to work on painting/sketching to engross in productive tasks to avoid any feeling of isolation.     

Types of wall paintings you can have to attract positivity:

ducks in a lake

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/ducks-in-a-lake/13285

In times when a person feels low, it is hard to find peace in anything. Here are the type of paintings to have at home to ensure positive vibes:

Colorful pears: Pears symbolize immortality representing good health and fortune, so you can have a beautiful watercolor pear artwork or a still life art of pears placed at the east corner of your bedroom to give you that positive vibe every day you open your eyes.

Natural scenery: Still life paintings can depict natural scenery alluringly, so you can have this artwork in large and medium prints to bring good energy and prosperity into your home. Moreover, such artworks can also help you overcome your urge for vacations and exploring new places. In COVID, when depression and despondency have increased due to the lockdown, such paintings always bring in positive energy.

Cherry Blossoms: Symbolizing health and love, beautiful acrylic prints of cherry blossoms rejuvenate a room’s ambiance keeping the mood boosted. Develop a spirit of fervor, and communicate your pain to artworks to reduce suffering.

Porcelain Jar: Usually given as a marriage gift, the painting of a porcelain jar symbolizes happiness. You can hang the painting in the southwest corner of the living space or bedrooms to bring in positivity.

Swans: Symbolizing bliss, beautiful acrylic or watercolor prints of a pair of swans ensure marital fidelity and happiness in life. Invite swan luck into your life with alluring swan paintings at home. In uncertain times, all one wants is a source of harmony and a stunning painting of a pair of swan will ensure that the family members, who now have to spend increased time together, live in blissful harmony.

Prints of Colored Horses: A painting of horses in different colors are said to bring good luck. As you increasingly work from home, you can hang such prints in your drawing spaces or work areas, to seek better performance and higher achievements.

With so many options to bring in positivity and good luck, go for some inspiring ones to gain the ability to fight against hopelessness. A clinical assistant professor of art therapy at New York University, Marygrace Berberian says, “Research has shown that art-making can have a profound impact on a person’s physical and psychological well-being,”

This signifies the importance of art for both artists and buyers who can avoid discouraging thoughts by indulging themselves in art-making, buying, and viewing.

Wrap Up:

Visual art is the medicine to reducing stress and encouraging relaxation in people suffering from depression or to people homebound due to illness. From reducing anxiety to augmenting brainpower and giving a moment of relief and love, art initiates a positive notion of enhancing mood and mental health.

Since the uncertain times of COVID have led to an increase in mental health issues, you can adorn your homes with arts having immense healing power to improve the quality of life and to augment your décor statement. 

So what are you waiting for? Walk across our expansive collection of diverse art forms at www.indianartideas.in to give your décor statement an instant makeover with positive energy enhancing your mood every day.

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