What is Neo-Abstraction?

Abstractionism defines the functioning of an individual, making sense of his actions.

It is the concept that individual’s actions are always influenced and controlled by portion of stored information about past experiences, behaviors and outcomes imprinted in his brain’s memory.

What is Neo-Abstraction?

Abstraction is the process of extracting raw and neo/new information from the map stored in your mind, based on your past experiences.

In art, Neo-abstraction is the term used to define the directional flow that an artist gives to his artworks while creating something based purely on his abstract thinking.

When an artist paints his creations just on imaginative aesthetical plane, which may/may not exist in real, it points to his neo-abstractionist abilities, and art form is known as Abstract Art.

So, neo-abstraction indicates departure from reality while creating imagery in art. This departure can be slight, partial, or full. Abstraction exists along a continuum.

Later, Neo-expressionism emerged. It focused on portraying recognizable and realistic objects, such as the human body in a rough and violently emotional way, often using vivid colors


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