In an era, which is characterized by the ever-changing trends of art, paintings in this genre represent the creative thought and spirit of our times. Nowadays the advent of technology made it possible to virtually purchase artworks online. This article is all about the domains of contemporary art, highlighting some significant artists and tendencies and of course, throwing lights on the process of purchasing paintings online.

What is Contemporary Art?

Nowadays, the contemporary art explores an extremely variety of styles, topics, and means allowing to mirror the complexity of our society. Whether it is abstract expressionism or pop art, artists today research a lot of topics, from social issues to world culture, technology, or their personal experiences.

Abstract Expressionism: Among the most influential movements in modern art, abstract expressionism highlights the importance of intuitive and gesturally painted surfaces and subjective treatment of material via color and form. A number of individuals such as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning have been seen as contributors to this movement and are therefore celebrated hence they continue to inspire the artist today.

Pop Art: In the 50s and 60s, pop art came out, it was challenging the traditional way to do art by adding images of popular culture and consumerism into its works. The artists who put Pop on the map, such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, made second-hand things or the well known objects a subject of fine art, which in its turn made us think about mass media and consumer society.

Minimalism: The style which aims to cut out the excess elements represented by simplicity and asceticism, minimalism gets rid of all unnecessary elements of art to its essential elements. Similar to Donald Judd and Agnes Martin, artists who prefer geometric forms, monochromatic colors, and spatial relationships would take their audience into an artistic thought-provoking reflection on life issues.

Contemporary Realism: In spite of abstraction and minimalism being the backbone of most modern arts, realism keeps gaining momentum, with artists being able to captivate the world around us by the use of extreme detail. Regardless of whether it is highly detailed and realistic or storytelling-oriented portraiture, the contemporary realist artists, like Chuck Close and Alyssa Monks challenge the spectator to look at the familiar from different angles and in this way explore it to the full.

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Exploring Notable Contemporary Artists

In the broad history of modern art, some artists are reckoned as symbolic because they occupied a prominent role and served as a reference point for a multitude of others.

Yayoi Kusama: She is the famous representative in the art world for her space-filling installations and for the great spot motif. She does not confine her art but encompasses viewers to understand art in a different approach while appreciating concepts of infinity, identity, and subtraction.

Banksy: Being a cryptic character in the arts field Banksy has gained high reputation for his art on street and provocative political rhetoric. Under cloak of anonymity, Banksy subverts societal order and institutions critical of their conduct, thus spurring a debate and dissent with his provoking artworks.

Jeff Koons: His gargantuan sculptures directly translated common objects and left people wondering if he was promoting both high and low culture. The move from casual lil balloon animals to colossal floral sculptures by Koons is the question of value and beauty, making us reassess the common in extraordinary ways.

Kehinde Wiley: Widely celebrated for his life size portraits of Black figures embellished with opulent design, Kehinde Wiley questions the white-dominated tradition of portraiture art using the new artistic approach. Through the reversal of norms and the popularization of uncommon voices, Wiley's work is aimed at questioning power dynamics and exploring matters of race, representation and identity.

Buying Contemporary Art Online

The internet brought a new world to the art consumers and artists leveling the art market globally and linking them across the borders through sales.

Research: Do yourself a favor and appraise works of various artists, genres and galleries and pick the ones which you feel connected with. Try to go for famous Internet art websites, that curator of good quality art, and provide the full information about who the artist is and his work.

Authenticity: Make sure that the artwork you might have an interest in is accompanied with the true documentation of the piece's authenticity such as certificates of authentically and provenance. It is the task of renowned online galleries to mention all these details to guarantee the authenticity of the artwork.

Shipping and Returns: Make sure you study the shipping and return policies of the gallery before going for a purchase. It is imperative to ensure the artwork will be securely packed and insured during transit, as well as understand the procedure for returning the artwork if it does not fulfill your expectations.

Budget: Make a budget for your art purchase and follow it out strictly. It is easy to find yourself in the situation of spending too much on a thing you like, hence keep in mind that the art – working can be found at different prices to suit anybody.

Support Emerging Artists: Think of patronizing the artists who are at the forefront of experimenting in various artistic fields. Purchasing directly from artists or smaller online galleries can be used as a way of giving the youngest generation of creative talents an opportunity for growth.

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Modern art has a vibrant nature that mirrors the complexities of the society, it gives artists a way to explore pertinent issues, break traditions and express their perspectives. Whether it is the pulsing never-ending of abstract expressionism or the considered imagery of pop art and narrative historicism of contemporary realism, each movement rules a different window through which we can observe the world around us.

Online platforms which are abundant today have democratized the art buying process, bringing down barriers and making way for direct contact between artists and collectors. Whether you are an experienced collector, or a novice admirer, the digital realm maintains a treasure chest of art that is yet to become known, or appreciated. Through the endless exploration of the internet on modern paintings, you have the chance to create your own collection that corresponds to your personal taste and aspirations, bringing an aesthetic appreciation, inspiration, and meaning into your life.

So why wait? Be up to the unlimited opportunities of modern art and embark upon an exciting ride of discoveries and exploration. If you appreciate bold abstraction, playful pop art or realistic depictions, a great world of art is waiting for you to discover it through the use of your internet connection. Plunge in, submerge yourself in contemporary art complexity and multiplicity, and let your mind fly through space and time.