Since so many years a gap has developed between the artists who do figurative and abstract work. Every group of artist considers themselves superior. The figurative artists feel that a good eye and technical skills are required for this art and abstract artist consider their art as work of intelligence and true trademark.

If we define the two, a human figure or any other recognizable object in the art which can be easily identified is figurative art and if the subject of a work is not based on any recognizable thing then it is an abstract art. It could be an object or any amorphous shape which does not have any meaning.

The figurative work has always dominated the abstract. The artists have been creating many statues and temples since centuries. They feel the figurative work to be very positive because of the imprints of Gods and Goddesses on the Indian psyche. While the buyers of the abstract work are considered to be intelligent as they feel that they have the kind of art which most of the people don't understand.

As compared to the abstract artists the figurative artists have to struggle to prove their work. The worth of the figurative artists came down with the invention of the camera. People started believing that if an instrument can give an accurate picture then there is no need for an artist. However, a camera cannot portray the nuances and emotions of the people what an artist can do.

There are artists who prefer a mid-way of creating a semi-abstract of semi-figurative works. One should free himself from the boundaries and portray whatever comes to mind without thinking about the permutations and combinations. Art should be kept away from this thinking. However, the debate of abstract over figurative and vice-versa will continue.