Holding a significant place in the Hindu religion, goddess Lakshmi is a Vedic deity symbolizing wealth, prosperity, power, and auspiciousness. The painting of the goddess adorns most Hindu homes astonishingly, where she can be seen seated on a lotus wearing a red saree and gold ornaments. Her arms are seen raised to bless giving a feeling of fulfillment and contentment. 

Her auspiciousness makes her paintings a must for Indian homes. Adoring even the contemporary decors alluringly, large prints of Lakshmi Tanjore paintings placed solely against the wall can bring a sense of spirituality and exquisiteness to your living space. Thanjavur/Tanjore paintings are ancient South Indian painting styles that depict stunning iconic compositions over gesso work adorned with glittering gold foils. This is why Lakshmi paintings in the Tanjore style are the most loved among all. 

With the increasing need for material comfort and demand for traditional décor statements, Lakshmi paintings help introduce the luxury and beauty of religious artworks. If you wish to have a positive vibe all around your living space, buy exquisite Lakshmi prints that bring peace, joy, and harmony. Symbolizing selflessness, kindness, and discipline, different dimensions of Lakshmi paintings can adorn the walls of your home astoundingly personifying the following:

  1. Prakriti- It signifies that Lakshmi modifies all functions around the world.
  2. Materiality- Lakshmi, the symbol of wealth is the source of all objectivity.
  3. Good Luck- Symbolizing good fortune, goddess Lakshmi brings good luck.  

With paintings of Lakshmi, Ganesha, Shiva, Buddha being a divine source of stability, courage, progeny, and knowledge, every individual cherishes to have such beautiful prints at home to invite positivity. It is vital here to place such paintings as per the Vastu to sustain positivity. 

Where to place:

If you have bought a mesmeric Lakshmi Tanjore painting, always place it above the entrance or directionally towards the prayer room. Since Tanjore style is drawn on solid wood planks and is embellished with pearls and gold foils, they make great artwork for the entrance and prayer rooms that demand a rich painting for enhanced decoration.

Lakshmi paintings are a symbol of luxury and fortune, thus placing them adequately becomes indispensable. If you are confused about where to place your painting of goddess Lakshmi at home apart from the prayer rooms, we have some décor ideas.

Tips for home décor with Lakshmi artwork:

Add a Blast of Colors


Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/padmavati/14570

You can use alluring Lakshmi Tanjore paintings to add a splash of colors to your interiors. Wrapped around glittering gold foils, Lakshmi artworks can give a rich look to your drawing space filling the ambiance with positivity and a meditative aura. 

Place a large print of Lakshmi painting against a subtle yellow or a beige backdrop to bring a charming look. The artwork’s stunning compositions accentuate the beauty of the print, helping add grace and beauty to the interiors. 

You can also place small prints of Lakshmi, Ganesha, and Shiva paintings collectively over a bold background. It will look beautiful!

Use in Worship Rooms

The Pooja room is the most sacred space of the home and beautiful Lakshmi art can adorn the walls exquisitely. Praying spaces are mostly painted in soft shades like orange or yellow, and having a large Lakshmi artwork in the background can undoubtedly enhance views.  

A painting of goddess Lakshmi sitting on a lotus, draped in red saree, with gold ornaments brings in a colorful and rich vibe to the prayer rooms, especially on occasions like Diwali. With worship spaces having an intricate ambiance, such alluring paintings help fill the atmosphere with positivity. 

Re-Energize Living Spaces

Re-vitalize your living space décor with Lakshmi paintings. To the most contemporary rooms, paintings of Buddha, Ganesha, and Lakshmi can do wonders. It is not always an abstract art, which suits a contemporary interior. Rather, rich religious artworks can also bring great results.

Choose your paintings wisely and place them adequately to enhance views. If your painting is placed on the wall in front of your sofa, it enhances views. 

Decorate the Walkways

Lakshmi Vishnu

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/asta-lakshmi-vishnu/16953

If you want to have a traditional art piece to adorn your walkways, beautiful Lakshmi and Ganesh paintings can be an ideal choice. Opt for a medium-sized Lakshmi Tanjore painting for your walkway, with décor lights above the painting and the artwork placed over a subtle backdrop. 

Since Tanjore prints have a dense composition offering richness with its stone, pearls, and gold embellishments, it offers an appealing look. Its relief works also give the painting a three-dimensional effect making it the perfect art piece for walkways.

If you have a broad and long walkway, a large print is preferable.  

Entrance Décor

How about decorating the entrance with a Tanjore painting of Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth!

Lakshmi Tanjore Painting

Source- Pinterest

Lakshmi symbolizes yogic powers, which is why in the Hindu pantheon, she is considered auspicious. This is also a key reason for more people willing to have her painting at the entrance. Bringing in good fortune, the painting of goddess Lakshmi is believed to keep families safe of inauspiciousness.

So, when are you bringing goddess Lakshmi home?

Choosing Maa Lakshmi painting for home:

If you are planning to buy a painting of goddess Lakshmi for your worship room, remember some significant factors. The goddess has eight forms, and buyers should always go for certain defined forms for their homes and office spaces. Prefer buying these popular forms of maa Lakshmi paintings or get your artwork customized from online art galleries like IndianArtIDeas, Fizdi, etc.

Check out the preferable art forms:

  • Buy a painting having goddess Lakshmi sitting firmly on a lotus rather than a standing one.
  • Look for paintings or get one customized where a pair of elephants are seen in the background and goddess Lakshmi is seen sitting on a lotus. 
  • Painting of Mata Lakshmi with Lord Vishnu. 

Such paintings are considered auspicious and fruitful for every house. What buyers have to avoid is buying a standing painting of Lakshmi, as she is considered Chanchal (restless). It is believed that standing Lakshmi is restless and does not stay for long. 

Maha Lakshmi Painting

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/maha-lakshmi/15344

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Wrap Up:

To bring good fortune and prosperity to the family, most Hindu homes have beautiful Lakshmi and Ganesh paintings adorning the walls. Such divine paintings can beautify spaces exquisitely, so buy one from a pool of paintings available online. 

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