What is an artist’s proof

After years of experience, in the midst of penning down words to define Artist proof (or APs) are created specifically for the artist and are originally used to check the progress of prints during their creation. These prints are not part of the edition count, although they are essentially identical to the editioned prints. They are usually kept in the artist's archives and utilized for exhibitions. Although they are rarely sold right away, some collectors choose to buy APs because of their rarity and the fact that they originally came from the artist's archive and collection.

In other words- Artist’s proof is a collection of prints that are signed by the artists. Though they are not a part of the regular edition, they do not compromise on the quality. Moreover, their supply is restricted and that is why their price is relatively high. It is so as they are perfect prints. 

There is no single factor that influences the price of an artist proof print; rather, there are multiple factors that influence the price of an artist proof print:

  1. Scarcity

To begin with, there are significantly fewer artist proofs than there are limited editions. An artist proof is typically 10% of a limited edition print run and is frequently seen as a more personal print directly from the artist's hand, increasing its value.

  1. Existence

When an artist’s proof is for sale and the artist is no longer alive, it is usually more expensive. Those painters who are still living and make numerous artist proofs every edition tend to be less expensive, despite their scarcity.

  1. Signature of A.P.

A legitimate artist proof will rarely include a print run number; instead, it will commonly have an A.P in the corner to indicate that it is an artist proof. This indicates that the print is extremely rare. Some artists like to include A.P. and the number of available artist proofs.


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