What is an acrylic paint

1.  While we define Acrylics, you must know the basic meaning of Acrylic Paints. Acrylic paints which are water-based are known to be made out of pigmented particles. They are known to be dispersed in the form of Acrylic Polymer Emulsion. This paint is highly pigmented and has thick inconsistency. Formed when a particular pigment is put in the acrylic resin, this paint gets permanent after drying but is solvable before it dries completely. 

The three main components that one must know while we define Acrylic paint is:

  • Pigments are granular solids that are responsible for the color of paint. They're ground to a fine powder and don't dissolve; instead, they stay suspended in the paint. Organic, inorganic, natural, and synthetic pigments are all possible. They have little or no affinity for the surface they're used on.

  • Binder is the material that holds pigment in place after the paint has dried. Acrylic paint's binder is an acrylic polymer, which creates a film once the water has evaporated.

  • The part of the paint that contains the pigment and binder is referred to as the vehicle. Water is the vehicle for water-based acrylic, and it generates a polymer emulsion when coupled with the binder. The paint dries when the water in the system evaporates or absorbs, leaving a stable clear polymer layer full of trapped colorful pigment particles.

While you learn about what Acrylic paints are, explore various Acrylic paintings with us! 


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