What is a fantastic art

Fantastic art is a vast and nebulous art form. It is not limited to a certain school of artists, a specific geographical place, or a specific historical period. Subject matter – which depicts non-realistic, mystical, mythical, or folkloric subjects or events – and style – which is representational and naturalistic rather than abstract – or, in the case of magazine illustrations and similar works, in the style of graphic novel art such as manga – can be used to define it.

Fantastic art's subject matter may mimic hallucinations, and fantastic artist Richard Dadd spent much of his life in psychiatric hospitals. "The only difference between me and a maniac is that I am not mad," Salvador Dal famously quipped. Some modern amazing art is based on the artist's actual or alleged use of hallucinogenic drugs.

Fantasy art is a word that refers to current art (usually from the twentieth century onwards) that is inspired by or illustrates fantasy literature. The phrase has developed a negative connotation.


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