Irrefutably, art never fails to charm its onlookers. It baffles its lovers and takes them to a place of absolute solace. Art has something to offer every individual. However, every genre has its own set of appreciators. Still, there are some art genres which can never lose their worth due to the eccentricity and splendor they hold. Indian art stands amongst the top art styles in this regard. Every art enthusiast either longs to buy Indian paintings or already has one in this space. Irrespective of the case, many appreciators are always on the hunt to buy Indian paintings to have the kind of assemblage they can literally live with for life. Still, even the thought of buying a bona fide painting from a brick & mortar paintings gallery seems to be unreal. It is so as the price of Indian paintings is relatively high. In terms of traditional paintings, the only reason behind such prices is intricate patterns.

Nevertheless, in this blog post, we tell you five best tips to buy the kind of paintings you want on a budget. Take a look.

Look for Paintings on Sale

Earlier, paintings were less in proportion to the number of buyers. That is why the price of the paintings was sky high and finding paintings on sale used to be a rare sight. However, the online art market is escalating unremittingly and rapidly. This has made it possible for the art lovers to buy art and artefacts from every nook and corner of the world. This increased accessibility has increased the sale of the paintings. Moreover, because the art market is seeing a whopping upturn in sales with each passing year, the production of paintings has also surged. You can easily find paintings for sale not just online but offline as well.

Hence, it is advisable to buy Indian paintings from the sales section meticulously from a trusted paintings gallery.

Keep an Eye on New and Emerging Artists

Finding a painting created by some famous artist at an affordable price is really difficult. Hence, if you want to own bona fide Indian paintings at a price that is pocket-friendly, you should stick to buying them from emerging artists. It is also necessary to understand that buying paintings of a prominent Indian artist doesn’t make much of a difference if you can get a beauteous work of art from a new one. There are many budding Indian painters who in order to increase their reach sell paintings at reasonable prices.

Opt for Lithographs or Prints

No matter what you say, a true art lover will always desire to own creation of the artist which he has been a fan of since long. However, the fact that the price of paintings made by eminent artists definitely digs a hole in the pocket of the buyer is known to all. However, there are lovers who still save to own at least one painting of their favorite artist. Well, you don’t really need to save that much. Consider buying a lithograph or an original art print. They will look exactly like the real ones and will also not hurt your pocket.

Buy Paintings from Resellers

Look for resellers who are selling paintings of not so famous artist. This is one of the preeminent ways to buy Indian paintings. The ball will be in your court, bargaining in such cases would not be tough. On the other hand, if the painting would be a popular artist, the reseller will find many buyers. Hence, in such case buying painting within your budget will become challenging.  Moreover, one should buy works of art this way if he is buying art solely for the purpose of festooning the walls of his space.

Switch to Online Art Galleries

The online art market is undeniably the best way to dive into the sea of paintings. You can explore various art genres, styles and works of various artists digitally. Many individuals who want to buy paintings don’t have enough time on their hands to visit brick & mortar art galleries. You can actually stay at your home and can spend your Sundays lazily. Just browse incessantly till you find the painting you love.

You just need to be observant of the art world. The ways and means of buying art are endless. Just don’t rush the process of buying a painting. Crack a good deal and make hay while the sun shines.

To begin your hunt by looking at our assemblage of paintings at Indian art Ideas. You will surely thank us later.

Happy buying!