Are you a novice in the art world? Ever been to a paintings gallery? Noticed someone behaving inappropriately in the gallery? Has anyone given you the expression of disgust? Or have you faced some sort of embarrassment while being at some gallery?

If yes, not anymore. In this blog, we tell you the implicit etiquettes that you must follow during an art gallery opening and also when you go to buy Indian paintings or paintings of any other art style. The two most basic ones that can be applied while being at any art showcasing platform are managing your time and moving with the gallery space. Apart from this, there are 10 other paintings gallery opening protocols for the visitors. All of them are very basic and contribute greatly towards making your visit and the visit of others pleasant, enjoyable and comforting. Take a look.

• Don’t Talk at the Top of Your Voice

Art galleries are like libraries for artworks. The ambience of the galleries is so silent for a reason. Just like people read books in libraries quietly, the visitors in an art gallery also like to observe the work and interpret what they mean quietly. So, instead of talking loudly at the top of your voice like you are roaming in some random street with your friend, speak softly. No one wants to hear your opinion, just keep it between your friend and you.

• Don’t Sell your Works at Someone Else's Show

This tip is especially for the art gallery opening visitors who are an artist themselves. Many times they unabashedly start talking about their art to everyone they interact with. Some of them even go up to the gallery owner completely overlooking the fact that the night is meant to appreciate the work of some other artist. So, it is advisable, if ever you have done so, don’t. Take the visiting or the number of the gallerist, fix an appointment and discuss your work at that time.

Art Gallery Tips

• Don’t Misuse the Open Bar

Without any denial, many of the people show up at the paintings gallery opening because of the free unlimited booze. Going by the etiquettes, you are not supposed to consume it till you are full to the brim. Moreover, in case of alcohol, when you drink it more than the amount you require to loosen up yourselves a bit, you end up creating a scene unintentionally.

• Don’t Strike Conversations Other Than the Ones Pertaining to Art

Ok! We get it, we completely do. You might find people that are quite attractive and affluent but trying to talk to them might make you sound desperate. This act isn’t appreciable at all. Art opening is a place perfect to exchange thoughts, ideas and opinions related to art and not anything else. Don’t ask for numbers without any purpose, it just isn’t the right place to find a date.

• Know the Featured Artist before Entering the Gallery

You should know the artist who is showing his works in the opening ceremony. Even if the artist is not famous, it gets demeaning for the artist. He might not be famous now but may reach the heights of success soon. Don’t embarrass yourself or others by reading about the artist right before walking in.

• Don’t ask Public Figures for a Photograph

When you go to art openings, you will find many celebrities. Just like you, they also have come to see and appreciate art. When you or anyone else ask them for a picture, it doesn’t just destroy their experience at the gallery but the experience of others as well. They might be polite enough to get yourself some pictures with them but the gallerist surely won’t want a painting worth a million sidelined because of this.

• Don’t Spill the Alcohol

The paintings gallery is decked with various kinds of works all over. Till the time someone doesn’t hit you, try to not to spill the alcohol anywhere.

• Do not Bring your Kids

Bringing your kid to the gallery can cause unnecessary chaos. It is hard to make them understand to not to cry, yell, or touch the works. If in case you still want to, bring a babysitter along.

• Don’t Speak Badly About the Art Displayed

The perspective of everyone pertaining to a particular piece of art differs. The only point here is, what you don’t like, someone else might do. So, don’t influence the opinion of others. Let them judge the work for themselves.

• Don’t Try to be Over Smart

Some visitors, try to grab some attention by doing vague things like taking their clothes off or speaking something about the artwork. Leave the nudity to the artists and judgement of the work on the individuals.