It is a known fact that original artworks are expensive. But if you focus on art prints, then you can buy stunning artworks at reasonable prices. Art prints are more easily accessible and affordable than originals. So, the next time you consider to give a cool quotient to your décor, consider bringing art prints of famous paintings.

You should always be confident about the art-prints that you are buying, as it will be on your wall for a pleasantly long time. Therefore, before you start exploring prints of famous paintings online, it becomes important for you to do your homework diligently. To help you get through your research, we have come up with some important tips to guide you while selecting and buying art prints.

The Difference Between a Fine Art Print and a Reproduction: 

First thing first, knowing the difference between a fine art print and a reproduction will help you make a more learned and confident decision while buying prints of famous paintings online. A fine art print is multiple original prints of artwork made by hand, one imprint at a time, from a plate carved by the artist. The plate is usually made up of wood, copper or zinc. In case of original fine art prints, the quality of the color on paper and the printing style are inseparable parts of the print. It is something that cannot be achieved with reproductions. On the other hand, reproduction is an image of an already existing work, which is usually scanned and then mechanically printed in bulk. A reproduced print does not have any intervention of the artist. In essence, reproductions are posters, which have little or no monetary value.

Original Prints vs. Limited Editions: 

The concept of limited editions and the numbered prints came into existence in the late 19th century. Earlier, the number of prints was determined by the market demand or the maximum number that could be created by the etching press. A limited-edition print is one in which a restriction is placed on the number of prints created in order to create a scarcity of the print. Limited edition prints are usually numbered. More often than not, they are signed by the artists to increase reputation, rarity and to encourage building collections. 

In case of original prints, once a batch is complete, the original etching press is either defaced or destroyed so that no more prints can be made. These prints are not signed but are numbered in the order in which they were printed.

Factors that affect the value of a fine art print: 

Prints that are hand-colored with inks, watercolors, acrylic or pencils are more valuable. Generally, the price of each print is determined by the size of the edition. For example, prints from a limited edition are more valuable than the prints from an unlimited edition.

Prints from the same edition may look the same; however, slight differences can always be found. Though, prints are checked for consistency and uniformity; however, it is not easy to obtain. The consistency of the ink, dampness of the etching paper, speed of the press and even wiping affect the final look of each print. Sometimes, prints are manipulated on purpose while wiping or adding color, which creates a unique print each time. This is known as mono-printing. 

Now that you have the basics right, it is time to buy the fine-art print. But, the question arises: where to buy art prints from? We suggest, buy it online.

Buying art prints and paintings online is a great and economical option, as you do not have to pay a gallery commission, which is usually around 50% of the selling price. It is also an efficient way of purchasing artwork, as you also do not have to physically visit numerous art galleries before finding the artwork that you love. Additionally, online art galleries provide documentation, a certificate of authenticity (COA) which gives the detailed information about the type of print, size of the edition, number of the print being sold, the paper used an artist’s information and signature. To buy art prints online is not entirely up to you. No matter, from where you buy the artwork, the most important thing is that it should be able to stimulate your mental faculties.