The past few years have witnessed an increasing number of traditional businesses venturing into the e-commerce space. One such example is online art galleries, which was not imaginable a decade ago. These new age digital art ventures have not just jumped into the e-commerce space but also registered impressive growth in just a few years of their existence.

E-commerce websites showcase an extensive range of artworks, besides managing the artists’ creations and presenting them in the most organized way. This not only facilitates Indian painters and artists to promote their artworks, but also enables the art purchasers to explore a wide range of art in a comfortable way.  Consequently, this concept, or approach towards promoting art, garnered wide acceptance and popularity.  There are plenty of factors that have enabled e-commerce platforms to play influential roles in shaping the art space.  Some of those may relate to the convenience that e-commerce websites have in store for both artists and buyers.  Experts also claim that e-commerce websites have brought the affordability factor into the art world, which attracts a wide range of art enthusiasts.  All these factors have successfully been able to bring about a much needed revolution in the art world, which can pave way for betterment of the entire art universe. 

Let’s discuss some of the key attributes associated with art portals that have transformed the entire art space:

Affordable range of artworks: With an increasing number of art e-shops, people can now access affordable range of artworks. They can get their favorite paintings at the best competitive price range without any hassle of visiting different conventional art galleries. The affordability factor of e-commerce has attracted various art buyers who were earlier reluctant to visit expensive art galleries. This has been the most significant factor behind the swift transformation or growth of online art galleries.

High quality images: Earlier, art lovers used to have major concerns before making a firm decision regarding any Indian artwork, and those concerns were related to the quality of an artwork. Art lovers often had difficulties in deciding how those art pieces or sculptors would look outside at their homes or the place where they would install it. Today, on e-commerce websites, art buyers and lovers can see the details of paintings by hovering mouse over the images of various artworks. This also helps them in developing a rough idea regarding whether those artworks would solve the purpose of decorating their homes with exquisite range of paintings, artworks, prints or sculptors.

Robust-security for transactions: It goes without saying that e-shops bring ample convenience to the users as it relates to making payments for the items of their choice. Art lovers can place order for their favorite artwork by following smooth online payment methods. These shopping portals offer robust security measures which can guarantee safe and secured financial transactions.  Moreover, with the dawn of e-commerce world, people are no more compelled to carry huge amount of cash to the art galleries.

Mobile commerce: A mobile app or mobile version of online art website offer big convenience to the mobile users. They can browse across different art styles and find their favorites with just a few taps. Evolution of M-commerce has brought gigantic changes in the art universe. It sets a bandwagon in the online trend as more and more people are buying products from thee apps.

User friendly websites: Art portals offer user-friendly and hassle-free experience to purchasers. These websites facilitate the visitors with easy navigation and top-notch functionality. One can conveniently explore different types of artworks depending upon one’s taste and preference.  By visiting these websites, people also have the options to set their exclusive price range. Moreover, art buyers can also sort their search with respect to various considerations, such as preferred color or size. These options have helped the art lovers to explore various art forms in an organized way.

24x7 support availability- Online marketplaces exhibiting authentic & affordable art for sale are witnessing surging demand due to 24x7 service availability. In round the clock support, art professionals actively handle art queries and provide instant support to the art buyers and investors. Whatever the issue is, they resolve it in real time. This has also marked a great change in the art space.


Traditional art galleries were not able to deliver a worldwide market for artists.  Earlier, Indian painters or artists were compelled to schlep their artworks to brick-and-mortar art galleries to sell their arts. They are no longer required to invest huge amount of money and time on structuring a physical space to display their artworks. Instead, they can exhibit their creative works like digital arts, photography, sculptures, prints, images and more in the virtual marketplaces in order to reach a wider audience, where they can expedite artwork sales.  Online art galleries provide ample opportunity to young artists to showcase their talent to prospective buyers across the world. In this channel, artists get connected to art buyers and dealers from any corner of the world and sell their creations.  On the other hand, for buyers, exploring e-commerce art portals is a more lucrative option than visiting physical galleries.

In essence, e-commerce is at the core of reviving Indian artworks, paintings, and sculptures that have been facing tough time for years in terms of finding buyers or gaining immense popularity across the global art market. E-commerce is fostering the art world–converting the entire model of art into an easily accessible platform that fulfills the demands of different art buyers.