“There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who…transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

Pablo Picasso

Art is no longer a means of entertainment. A lot of studies and researches have been made to find the impact of art on the human mind. For instance, abstract paintings have the ability to stimulate the creativity in our mind.

So, does art have an impact on our mind or do we choose paintings as per our personalities? Have you ever thought about why did you stop to look at a particular piece of art in an art gallery? What is that one thing that catches our heart? And why is it so?

Because if I keep 10 of Pablo Picasso’s best work in front of you, there will be only one artwork that you would like more than the rest. This is human nature. Our mind depending on our personality characteristics and our preferences help us to select the most relatable artwork.

Maybe this is the reason that everyone perceives artwork differently. Suppose you are on a quest to buy Indian art, you get stuck on one of the religious paintings in the exploration process. Does it say something about you? Well, strangely enough, the art you select or like expresses plenty of revelations about your personality.

It really doesn’t matter how many days, months, years or decades you have spent in the art world, you always have an opinion about what is a perfect art and what is not. Some of you might adore the work of Jackson Pollock, the legendary American artist who introduced the technique of drip painting while others may find it a joke with respect to the fine art. It’s all because your mind tells you so and it does so because of what you are.

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So, let’s dig directly into the topic by studying what different kind of art tells about your personality. Have a look:

Traditional Art

A lot of people I know are looking to buy Indian art and generally, they end up purchasing a traditional piece of work. These kinds of paintings generally revolve around the subject matters such as spiritualism, religious tales, historic events, elite personalities, and so on.

A look at these paintings tells you that the people who like such paintings are a bit conservative and believe that fine art is the real form of art. These people are not hypocrites but a bit old-fashioned and believe that everything should be done as they are meant to be. They are the people who follow the rules always.

Modern Art

If you are a modern art enthusiast, then it is highly likeable that you have an open mind set and straightforward. Modernism was a movement that rejected the conventional art methods and defied completely what was followed before. The people who are like the affordable art of modern style are generally brave and are not shy to stand up against the social evils and traditions. These people are always open for experimentation of new ideas.


If your taste lies in the exquisite paintings of Cubism movement, you are a bit similar to the modern art aficionados. It is possible that you are quite modern in your thinking and would not bow down in front of the old traditions.

Since the Cubism movement was a ferocious response to impressionism and realism, people who love to buy such art are quite possibly more attracted towards controversies and have the tendency to surprise people with their behaviour.


Although impressionism was a baby step in the comprehensive transformation of the art sector from traditional to modernism, the artists of this movement were not the exact rebels. People who love such paintings are the ones who like to follow the rules, may be bent a bit towards the change, but not so much that a conflict arises.

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These people usually prevent the conflicts and are more affectionate towards peace and working together.

Abstract Art

Have you ever been tempted to buy Indian art of abstract artists like F.N. Souza, S.H. Raza or V.S. Gaitonde? These are the artists who are the few Indian artists who are not only able to gain a remarkable western recognition but also able to fetch millions of dollars for their work.

People who like abstraction (like myself), are the ones who are quite intellectual in their approach. These people are creative and don’t like to be held back in an argument. So if you are an abstract art lover, it is quite possible that you like to present controversial ideas without any hesitation. No wonder, abstract art lovers have a much higher creativity than others (Not bragging!).

Final Takeaway

The qualities and traits mention here are just the common grounds among the art lovers of the different genre. This is not a sure shot predication about the personalities of people. It is definitely possible that you are not that intellectual but still is attracted towards abstract art paintings or you are not conservative but still love to buy Indian art of traditional times.

But, go and check yourself, you will find mentioned similarities between the people who like the same kind of artworks. See you next time. Thanks!