The diversity and complexity is the main feature of the art world. From the beginning art has become the best way to express feelings. In twenty first century all the mediums were discovered. This gave the opportunity to the artists to choose a right medium in which they can work. But few artists didn't have the approach to restrict art to a single medium so they worked with different mediums in a single artwork. This was the introduction of mixed medium art.

Mixed media is not only popular amongst the artist but also hobbyists doing crafting, collage, etc. These people are known as assemblage. The pieces made out of this medium are collages, books, 2D and 3D assemblage, greeting cards, sculptures, artist trading cards, etc.

Mixed media art's most exciting characteristic is that the materials which are used in creating an artwork are infinite and there are no boundations. Anything, which may be considered as trash can be used in its creation. Mixed Media art

Mixed media art is not to be confused with multimedia art which is a different genre. Multimedia is far more diverse than mixed media as it includes not only visual art but it also has non visual elements like videos and sounds. It may have other art like graphics, dance, drama, etc. in the work.

For both art collectors and budding artists, mixed media is an amazing genre and it is very important for both to understand the meaning of mixed media and not to get confused with multimedia. It is a very experimental media to work on and is very vast in variety. So start exploring and experimenting with it and make different things like paintings, sculptures, etc.