India, which has always been known as a land of rich culture and varied heritage, also houses numerous artists. Its distinct traditions and diversity not only fascinate people, but they also serve as the source of many artists. The mysterious, extravagant and sophisticated traditions of the nation inspire them to create magnificent traditional Indian art style, which is immensely popular amongst art lovers who love to collect art. People, who consider artwork to be a medium of expression and an item of décor, love to buy Indian paintings for their home.

Artworks: Perfect Medium to Enliven your Living Space

When it comes to buying artworks for your home, there are multiple options to choose from. From original paintings to portraits, from art prints to posters, from reproductions to Polaroid converted into canvases, the list is endless. Of all these mediums, the original painting is the most sought after medium to adorn the walls. The fact that an original painting is one of the most efficient and effective mediums to transform the setting of living space is undeniable. With its rich colors, an original painting captivates its onlookers. Its buttery texture and layers make it a perfect fit as a focal point for contemplation. Original paintings are one-of-a-kind artworks that add depth, texture and character to otherwise plain and dull walls. These intrinsic merits of an original painting make it an immensely popular décor item. So, if this festive season, you are thinking about adding one or two new items to your décor, we would recommend you to buy Indian paintings done in oil paints.

Finding Affordable Art Online

Some people may call art shopping a daunting task. But for art lovers, it’s an enchanting and enriching experience. From the excitement of buying new paintings and sculptures to the anxiety of being able to find the perfect artwork and from the delight of exploring so many mesmerizing paintings to the dejection of not finding the one that fits in your budget, art shopping is a bag full of mixed emotions. Artworks, especially original artworks, have always been known as one of the most expensive décor media. The exorbitant pricing of original artwork has the capability of turning the joy of finding into heart-sinking feeling. However, it was a thing of past. Over the last few years, the arrival and acceptance of online art galleries have changed the entire scenario. They have brought a paradigm shift in how the art market works. They have not only made art accessible to masses at affordable prices but have also made the entire process of buying art easier, convenient and transparent. These online art galleries enable buyers to find original artworks by some of the best emerging talents of the world that they may not have found otherwise. If you are on a shoe-string budget and planning to buy Indian paintings for your home, then you must buy it online.

Internet is flooded with both, general sites and specialized sites that offer original paintings for sale. These sites work as a platform to display the artworks of many distinguished artists. These sites charge minimum commission fees from artists; therefore, they offer artworks, including original artworks, at affordable prices. All you need to buy paintings online is – visit a site offering artworks, explore the offered collection, select a painting and make payment.

Explore Local Market and Art Schools for Affordable Art

No doubt, when it comes to buying affordable art, Internet has proved to be a great resource. But, there are some people who like to see and feel art in person before they take any decision. For such people, the search starts in their locality. Your neighbourhood offers the number of places where you can go and buy affordable artwork. Below is the list of some of such places:

  1. Local Art Schools/Colleges: Art schools/colleges often organize exhibitions where students showcase and sell their works.
  2. Thrift Stores and Gift Houses: Thrift stores and gift houses, such as Store99, stock many artworks. Pay a quick visit to your nearest store and who knows, you may lay your hand on a hidden gem.
  3. Art Festivals and Fairs: Many times emerging artists display and sell their works at locally held art festivals and fairs in an attempt to create a new customer base. You can visit one such fair to crack a good deal.

Additionally, if you are open to experiments then you can consider buying art prints and reproductions as economical substitute of original paintings.