In today’s revolutionized epoch, more of us look forward to an engaging, motivating, and expressive art piece to adorn our walls. Charcoal paintings bring that expression and empower any art piece to look ideal for living spaces, bedrooms, etc. Have you wondered why most portraits are made in charcoal medium?

Dry art mediums like charcoal, graphite pencils, chalks, and pastels are considered sturdy, therefore, used widely. Charcoal is the most used dry art mediums, as it creates a real and sensitive print with the use of wooden charred sticks to draw linear effects.

Charcoal painting produces alluring grey, black, and soft smudgy shades, giving a vivid effect to any artwork. To understand how charcoal magically the depiction of inner emotions, check out stunning works of famous charcoal artists- Dennis Creffield, Käthe Kollwitz, Leon Kossoff, Frank Auerbach, and Henry Moore.

Charcoal portraits are in-demand!

Portraits have been around for ages; however, charcoal portraits have the power to take expressionism to the next level. From celebrities to art lovers, more and more people are getting their photographs customized in pencil sketches, and charcoal prints. Portraits are an artistic representation of a person highlighting facial expressions alluringly, thus it is been widely used as home décor and for paying tribute to famous celebs.

Check out Mridula Chury’s beautiful charcoal painting that pays tribute to King of Pop Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson Charcoal Sketch


Want to explore more? Have a look at some stunning charcoal portraits of famous celebs.

Superstar Rajesh Khanna’s portrait:

Rajesh Khanna

Diva Madhubala’s charcoal sketch:


Celebrated producer Satyajit Ray’s charcoal sketch:

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/satyajiy-ray/16859

Portraits are best drawn in charcoal

While landscape prints, abstract works, traditional prints are evergreen, portraits have their own charm. They define imagination, highlight hidden stories, and can be great art pieces to adorn your walkways and living areas. Whether you want a sketched print of a recent family photograph of yours, or a portrait of your favorite celebrity, chose to have them in charcoal sketching medium to elevate the artistic quotient of your home.

Charcoal mediums that you can opt for your artwork:

  • Willow/Vine charcoal- Brings a smoky and light feel
  • Compressed charcoal- Helps with darker tones and measured lines
  • Charcoal powder- Good for buyers who want a soft, refined shade and a toned ground for their artwork

Want your self-portrait in charcoal to adorn your walls at home? Get customized self-portraits to enliven your drawing space from famous online art galleries.

Online art galleries like IndianArtIdeas, Fizdi, etc. offer a platform for you to get well-known artists to paint for you. You just have to submit your preferred image for customization, select your preferred size, choose amid pencil sketch, charcoal sketch, color portrait, etc. and you are done!

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Girls's Eyes Sketch

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/the-eyes/16858

Why charcoal paintings?

Charcoal sketch man

  • Charcoal is an ancient drawing material offering an appealing look and representing a decent texture. With engaging expressive design effects, charcoal gives a radiant effect to the portrayal of the body, color, texture, shapes, etc.
  • With the sensitive shading effects of charcoal artwork i.e., hatching, you can get your art print a rich tonal influence. If you want a large portrait art piece of your family photograph, choose charcoal’s expressive medium for a brilliant painting. From a rich depiction of gestural effects, charcoal helps you amaze viewers with its rewarding and versatile effect.
  • Oil-based art mediums can be expensive. Thus, charcoal is the right in-budget choice you can make to adorn your house with some astonishing artworks without spending much.
  • If you want a gestural art print for home décor that depicts depth of human mind, charcoal portraits are the best.

charcoal sketch portrait

Tips to preserve charcoal drawings:

Have you just bought a charcoal drawing? Or planning to buy one?

Charcoal drawings today are used to adorn the walls of offices, living areas, walkways, etc. So, if you are fascinated with the drawing medium and looking to buy one, work on preserving the art print too. Take care of the suggestions below:

  • Make sure your charcoal artwork is fixed with fixatives. This way there is no issue of smearing and no threat from dust too.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the artwork, as it may smudge the shades.
  • Keep it away from children’s reach and avoid folding the drawing sheet if not framed.
  • The colors of a charcoal sketch may fade away in the sunlight. So, if you are going to buy a charcoal painting for your living area, place it adequately to keep it safe and enhance décor too.
  • Go for a good framework for your charcoal artwork so that it is safe of dust, water, etc. It is great to have acrylic glass framing, as it lasts long.  

Décor ideas:

Charcoal portraits and other charcoal prints are immediate and addictive which makes them attractive. With a beautiful charcoal self-portrait or a contemporary charcoal print, you can adorn the walls of your living rooms and drawing areas dramatically.

Smiling girl sketch

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/happiness/16857

You can place a large charcoal print against a subtle backdrop to enhance views. Charcoal prints form shadows highlighting an illusion of lights, which is why the right contrast of colors is essential for backdrops.

If you have bright interiors, go for small charcoal prints hung over the walls. Your self-portrait in charcoal can also give an engaging look to your drawing spaces and rooms.

Wrap Up:

A variety of charcoal painting techniques can help develop different art styles. From soft to expressing raw textures, charcoal helps highlight expressive style vividly.

Art is a beautiful depiction of inner and outer authenticities and charcoal techniques help depict imagery illustrations exquisitely. From divinely attractive portraits to the most mundane art interpretations, charcoal techniques empower insights intricately.

With a pool of charcoal art available online, shop one that suits your décor and fits your budget. Check out the curated page of charcoal paintings or get your personalized self-portrait made by known charcoal artists at IndianArtIdeas.