Monsoons give a big relief to all after the boiling heat of summers. But the damp walls in this season give trouble to Indian art collectors or lovers. You need to pay attention to your artwork in this beautiful season. The most important thing is to check the artwork from time to time so that moisture does not ruin your expensive work. 

Different types of famous Indian paintings expand and contract with a change in temperature and humidity. 

Let's take a closer look at few things that you need to consider to preserve your artwork in monsoon season:

* Try to keep the humidity and temperature constant, as any change in it can cause expansion or contraction of the work which may distort the surface. Apart from this, high humidity can even lead to mould growth that can decay your valuable piece of art.

* Ensure that the wall on which the artwork is hung doesn't have moisture on it. If it is there, then take the painting out because anytime the fungus growth can spoil the painting.

* If you observe any slight growth of fungus on the surface of the painting, then expose it to mild sunlight for 2-3 days without any delay. However, make sure that you expose the back of the canvas under the sunlight. This will completely inhibit the growth of fungus on there and then. It won't spread and ruin the artwork. Once dried, you can even consult an art restorer for the same.

* If the work is in watercolor medium, then use a glass frame, as it will protect the paintings from any damage due to water and dust. 

* Sculptures made of terracotta can easily absorb mineral which comes from rain, atmosphere and soil so it is advisable to place the sculptures either on a stand or a granite tile.

* Dust and grime often accumulate on freestanding, 2D and 3D artworks; hence warily clean them by using a soft cloth moistened with distilled water.

Hope the above-mentioned tips help you in restoring the beauty and magnificence of your paintings.