If you go to buy Indian art, you will get confused about what to choose from enormous range of artistic styles. Art is an exceptional way to remain in touch with simple joys of life. If we have a hobby of painting or collecting art pieces, it gives us tranquility. While some people like to have a collection of traditional paintings, others like to decorate their room walls with modern artistic styles.

Emergence of Modern art goes back to the time of Industrial revolution between 18th to 19thcentury. Rapid development in manufacturing, transportation and technology took place which had profound effects on society, culture and economy around the world. These advancements changed how people lived, worked and traveled helping them explore new ideas and world around. 

At this time, art used to have themes based on mythologies and religions. People migrated to the industrial area and urban centers boomed.

Modern art was inspired by theories of Sigmund Freud who stated that unconscious mind sustained thoughts which governed human behavior to a large extent. Thus, in 19th century artists felt a need to create paintings which had imagery relating to subconscious mind. They expressed their emotions, ideas and their own view of the world in a painting. These paintings were devoid of conventional and traditional norms. Artists believed that the modern society would be more attracted to ideas they can relate to. So, they developed creations which portrayed places, people and experiences relating to modern ways.

Artists started experimenting with colors, different mediums and new techniques and materials. This evolved out different styles of modern paintings like Abstract art, Figurative art, Surrealism, Landscape paintings etc.

Abstract art is one such modern style which is coveted all around the world. It is an art form which does not indulge in exact representational work. The deviation from real world could be partial or complete. They depict shapes, lines, colors and forms in a way which gives a visual language to art. These paintings were bereft of any naturalism and portrayed alternate ways to explain experiences of artist. It is not necessary that the sketch of the painting be perfect, but more emphasis was given on aspects like color and imagery. It is a bit difficult for a person to understand the symbolism of abstract painting.

Famous abstract art paintings were produced by artists in 20th century when they were exploring new ways for expressing their views about the modern world. Initially, conventional communities were against the idea of abstraction. They did not appreciate the changes coming up in art forms. They wanted only religious and traditions to be depicted in paintings.

In modern times, i.e. 21st century when you go to buy Indian art you will find that the painting styles possess an attitude of “anything”. Everything or anything can be painted on canvas which relates or does not relate to nature or the world around us. In many paintings, artists keep their canvas surrounding art materials which fall or drip on it on their own. According to them, it was the painting expressing art of an unconscious mind. 

Types of Abstract Art are as Follows

  • Curvilinear Art: In this form artists used interlace patterns and spirals which made paintings a lot more sophisticated and complex. 
  • Color and light related Art: Colors were employed in a way which did not reflect real world.  
  • Geometric Abstraction: Cubism is the name for geometric abstraction. In it, objects are interpreted and then broken up into pieces which are rearranged to give multiple view points, instead of just one.  Cubism involved use of brownish and monochrome colors. They were not very clear designs and had multiple viewpoints. 
  • Intuitional abstract art: The shapes and colors depicted in the painting are bit natural. They reflect nature in less representational-way. 
  • Gestural art: The designing process of painting is given more emphasis than the painting itself. Artists use extraordinary ways of applying paint such as vey loose and rapid brush strokes. 
  • Minimalist Abstract art: This art is devoid of any external associations and generally similar to geometric abstraction.

Famous abstract paintings are from a legendary Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. He was a renowned sculptor, architect, painter, poet and even a playwright. He is widely acclaimed for developing Cubism. His paintings are most influential and are still exhibited in popular galleries around the world. Recently, his painting has been unveiled in Hong Kong and is ready for an auction. It is assumed that the painting can fetch around USD 140 million. Amazing, isn’t it?