The market today is brimming with artworks, each radiating a unique richness. These pieces inherit their essence from ancient histories and the age-old practices of our ancestors, who pioneered the art of Painting. Traditional Indian art encompasses many styles, each with its special history and the ability to tell vivid stories without words.

For those looking forward to buy Indian art, the options are endless, with each picture having a unique story to tell.

Journey through the Richness of Indian Art

Historical evidence suggests that artistic expression in the Indian subcontinent existed from 3000 to 2001 BCE, the 3rd millennium BCE. During this time, people primarily created paintings on various mediums, including rock surfaces in caves, rock shelters, cave paintings, and pottery paintings. These early paintings, often called rock art, were typically executed using natural pigments derived from minerals, plants, and other organic materials.

As civilization progressed, so did the forms and techniques of art creation. As we progress, India continues to encourage a creative culture. Indian art has grown more widely available as the world grows increasingly interconnected, allowing collectors to view and purchase works that capture the spirit of Indian history from all around the world.

Buying Indian art has never been easier or more accessible. All credit goes to online platforms and galleries specializing in Indian art. Art lovers can now scroll through a wide collection of paintings, sculptures, and more, offering a glimpse into the rich ancient heritage of Indian history.

Buying traditional Indian art is not just about buying a beautiful canvas with vibrant colours; it means preserving cultural heritage and supporting every small, big, talented artist.

Facts to Know

The British Museum has around 1000 South Indian paintings which date back to the 17th century.

Types of Indian Art Available in the Market

More than 50 traditional Indian arts are available in the Indian market. Some famous and world-renowned art forms are from all over India.

Madhubani Painting:

Madhubani art

Madhubani form of Painting originated from Mithila, a very small region of Bihar. These forms of paintings are well-renowned for their vibrant colors and sophisticated patterns. Traditionally, they were done by women on the walls and floors of their homes. Madhubani art often portrays pictures of Hindu deities like Ganesha, Shiva, Parvathi, and other gods and goddesses, mythological scenes like Ramayana and Mahabharata, floral patterns, events and celebrations, and many such nature and daily lifestyle scenes.

Tanjore Painting:


Tanjore Painting came into existence in Tamil Nadu. It has rich colors, a compact composition, and gold foils. These paintings often depict Lord Krishna's childhood or Goddess Laxmi. Tanjore's Painting is different from others because it has EMBOSS on it.

Pattachitra Painting:

pattachitra art

This traditional cloth-based scroll painting from Odisha and West Bengal is renowned for its knotty details and fables. It often illustrates stories from ancient histories like Mahabharata and Ramayana. To our wounder, most Putus and Chitrakars are Muslims these days.

Miniature Paintings:

miniature art

From the name itself, it is related to doing small-form paintings. Rajasthan is quite famous for its miniature paintings, which are small in minute form, colourful, and very detailed. These paintings often show court scenes, battlefields, and things based on region.

Warli Art:

Warli art

Warli art came into practice as a form of tribal art. It originated from the ethnic areas of Maharashtra and uses simple shapes like circles, triangles, and squares to depict scenes of daily life, farming, and festivals.

Why Buy Indian Art Paintings?

To purchase Indian artwork, people have to know about beautiful pieces of art to showcase at home, but it is about taking care of the ethos of our ancestors. Here are some compelling reasons to consider investing in Indian Art:

Cultural connectivity:

Art lovers who are spiritually connected and find art in every small detail can buy authentic Indian art. Art is not about colours and paintings; it is about the story that comes out of the pictures.

Valuable Investment:

We all know how costly an art picture can be, so it's wise to purchase one that adds value to your status and makes a statement about your home.

Adds to the Aesthetics:

There is a large variety of pictures and paintings available on the market, and every Painting has an aesthetic of its own; therefore, you can purchase the item according to your taste and preference.

Supports Artists:

Previously, the world was not that digital, so reaching out to artists with talent who never got a voice because of the limited reach. As we have stepped into modernization, we can get our hands on every small and big artist.


Where to find Indian Artworks?

Online art market:

You can buy Indian art paintings online from websites like Indian Art Ideas, Art Alive Gallery, and Mojarto. These platforms offer a wide range of Indian art, from traditional paintings to contemporary pieces. They provide detailed descriptions, artist information, and authentication certificates, ensuring you buy genuine art.

Specialized art store:

Many online stores specialize in Indian art and handicrafts, such as ArtLounge, Creative Hands, and iTokri. These stores often collaborate directly with artists and artisans, offering unique and handcrafted pieces. 

Art websites:

Many Indian artists have websites where they showcase and sell their work. To ensure credibility, you can buy Indian art decor directly from the artist, allowing you to connect with the artist and learn more about their creative process.

Exhibition and Art fairs:

In order to buy traditional Indian art, you have to keep your eyes on exhibitions and art fairs that feature fine Indian art from different countries. These types of events provide an opportunity for viewers as well as buyers to come and see the art in person, meet the artists one-on-one, and gain a deeper insight into their work.

How to Understand if the Artwork is Real or not?

car festival art

People who are beginners and don’t know about art as much as experienced art buyers can go through these points before investing their money in any art.


Investigating the artwork's provenance is crucial since it gives you access to its official ownership history. A trustworthy piece of art will have an obvious and substantiated provenance. Be aware of artworks with imprecise or unrecorded provenance, as they may raise issues regarding authenticity.

Documentation and paperwork:

You must confirm the artwork you intend to buy has all the necessary documents, such as sales receipts, provenance records, and ownership certificates. Proper documentation increases trust and transparency for both the vendor and the buyer.

Gallery representation:

Remember to only buy art from respectable dealers, galleries, or auction houses with a track record of moral behaviour and market knowledge. Before putting artwork up for sale, a reputable gallery frequently thoroughly inspects it, giving potential buyers even more confidence in its legitimacy and originality.

Proven track records:

To determine the reliability of an artist's artwork, it is crucial to research their reputation, career, and market standing. A well-established artist will always have a track record of successful exhibitions and sales, as well as the most likely of creating trustworthy artwork.

The Enchanted Lord Krishna painting

Radha Krishna:

devotion of krishna

The image of Lord Krishna and Radha is among the most well-known paintings ever created. A real way to establish an everlasting bond between the two is to illustrate the divine love between their souls and preach about making sacrifices out of love. These types of Lord Krishna paintings often capture moments of them being playful and Radha dancing to Krishna's flute notes.

Krishna Leela:


From the word itself, we can understand that these depicted Lord Krishna's paintings of various adventures and miracles from his childhood to his heroic moments. These paintings contain multiple events from his life, with great detail and emotion.

Bhagavad Gita:

During the battle of Kurukshetra in Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita was delivered to Arjuna on the battlefield. There are many such paintings of Lord Krishna. These paintings are very heartfelt, symbolizing wisdom, duty, and morality. Such devotional, strong lord Krishna paintings hold a special place in the hearts of devotees.

Did you know

Pichwai paintings are primarily devoted to worshipping Lord Krishna and depict scenes from his life, such as the Rasa Lila, the Govardhan Puja, and the Dahi Handi.

According to Vastu

We all know that Vastu significantly impacts your surroundings and lifestyle if you are superstitious. So, it is crucial to understand the type of paintings to hang in your home and where to hang them. Every single piece of art you show in your home expresses a sensation of emotions you are experiencing.

All forms of sculpture and visual art are potent expressions of our current condition of consciousness. They have an immediate impact on our brain networks and cognition. Paintings of benevolent Buddhas or pine trees, for instance, are considered beneficial for homes.

Measures to take care of the Indian Art Paintings

  • Never expose your Painting to strong direct sunlight, as it can damage the paper and the colours. UV rays harm papers and some inks, so avoiding keeping them in contact with direct sunlight is better.

  • It's a no-no to hang the picture on a wall that comes in contact with humidity or dampness. Such areas include a bathroom and balcony. Humidity causes paper to mould and can also attract pesticides.

  • Do not store or hang your artwork in places that come in close contact with heat. Heat can wrap the sketcher bar and soak the moisture out of it, reducing the life of the Painting by 60 percent.

  • It is important to keep your paintings clean. You can dust it mildly with a feather duster or soft rug that will not cause any damage to the painting.

love divine


After online art galleries came to existence, the accessibility and appreciation of art have changed, making it easier for people to explore and purchase different forms of artwork from around the globe. If you are also looking to buy Indian art, especially stunning Lord Krishna paintings, and other traditional pieces, Indian Art Ideas is your go-to destination. Our platform offers a handpicked selection of authentic Indian artworks, providing a seamless and enriching experience for art lovers worldwide. Discover the beauty of traditional Indian art online with Indian Art Ideas, and bring a piece of this rich heritage into your home.