One of the most dominant art forms, oil paintings are popular for their versatility and intensity of using infinite colors splendidly. Oil paintings have an eternal charm that has been attracting buyers for years. Giving absolute richness to the canvas, oil paintings have been around since the middle ages.

Giving freedom to the artist to paint, oil paintings present alluring textural effects. You can choose amid different oil painting supports like - canvas, cotton or linen, priming, rigid surfaces, wood panels, metal, etc. For those who want rich expressive paintings offering unparalleled radiance, oil paints on canvas are an ideal choice. Why we advise canvas for oil paintings is because it brings better finish and depth for oil prints when compared with cotton, linen or metal supports.

With so many mesmeric art pieces present in the market, confused buyers repeatedly ask similar questions- “How do I select the best art piece for a specific space?” “How do I know an oil painting suits my ambiance?” “Where can I find oil paintings for sale?”

Do you have a similar query?

Before you head out to finalize your oil painting for the office, consider a few things. Check out as we have some tips for you:


With a splash of colors and beautifully finished texture, oil paintings can rejuvenate your office environment. If you’re looking to bring positivity around the work desk, opt for spiritual oil paintings. On the other hand, if you’re looking to boost up the energy of your team, choose oil painting in bold colors.



A clear purpose guiding your art choice will ensure each space of your office gives out the right vibe.

Color Theme

Colors play an important role to enhance moods. Since oil paintings on canvas use bright tones like cadmium red light, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, etc., you can use them to enhance mood. Bright colors go well with subtle backgrounds like white and beige walls, so use art shades that keep the ambiance filled with energy.

Bright shades suit receptions and waiting rooms and are great when it comes to starting a conversation. Therefore, if you want an oil paint for your meeting rooms, waiting areas, conference rooms, etc., you can choose a bright shade of oil piece to evoke positivity.

For the reception area of your office, you can opt for oil paintings in cool colors like blue to relax your visitors and clients. Similarly, grey carpets, cubicles, and furniture can be boring, so, use bold colors that help to enhance focus and brain activity of your team.


Usually depicting complex civilization and the related issues, oil paintings use vibrant colors in the most stylish way to enliven a living space. With evolving time, oil art gained value because of its elegance, style, and creativity to paint modern patterns.


Whether traditional or contemporary, you can make an art piece look brilliant with adjacent décor techniques. Using scumbling, multi-colored brush strokes, and thin washes with solvent, oil prints introduce a unique style making them popular.

Before finalizing your oil paint, think over coordinating it with your wall patterns and textures. Consider your style of décor in the office, and decide your art print. If you want a calm and subtle ambiance, go for bold oil paints over light colored furniture and beige wall colors.


For office owners looking for an oil print for their workspace, considering the size of the artwork has to be primary. Whether you decide to display a painting in the meeting room, walkway, or sitting area, the dimension always differs for each area. For example, large prints become a focal point of a big room, which is why using them wisely is important to bring an overall impact.

For a huge space, oversized oil print works well. However, a smaller sitting section requires a smaller hanging art piece. Check the dimension of your walls where you wish to place the painting before you place the order.

Ithlati Yuvti



The new generation of millennials looks for an office environment that not only offers physical space and amenities but also boost productivity and creativity. So, is your office space trendy enough to boost a positive environment?

A great way is to decide the subject of your canvas oil painting. Choose a subject that you think would trigger interest and conversations better - landscape, wildlife, or still life paints.

Office space designs have changed over time. The traditional cubicles are now boring and off trend. With a comfortable home-like ambiance winning employees’ hearts, the need for exquisite art forms that complement the décor has increased.

Brand Story

It is great to have an artwork for the office that talks about the company’s values and work story. For example- Travel companies can adorn their walls with stunning oil paintings on canvas depicting scenic views from different countries.

Artworks depicting the company’s ideas and aims help to keep the employees energized and motivated to work. Therefore, use attractive brand story art prints in your office’s lobby, sitting areas, meeting rooms, etc. It keeps both clients and the employees reminded of what they are all about.

Check out a canvas oil painting listed on Indian Art Ideas, that says “Alone we can do little; together we can do so much” Such oil paintings are an apt choice for offices.



Where do I find oil paintings for sale?

For buyers confused about where to find oil paints on sale, a visit to famous art galleries can help. However, if you are searching online to buy affordable oil paintings, some famous online art galleries like Indian Art Ideas and Fizdi can be a great stop point for an extensive collection of oil paintings in a wide price range.

Ending Note:

Follow the above tips to make the right choice of art for your office space and meet the rising standards of office décor. The tips mentioned above also drive home the point that you don’t need a Picasso for invoking the right mood. The internet connects you to a large pool of talented artists across India and other geographies, whose work will fulfil your requirements that too within your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your cup of coffee and shop alluring oil paintings online.