I love art. The way colours and shades are able to replicate the emotions and feelings of an artist, it seems otherworldly. It is the internal rife of imagination and creativity that compels an artist to pick a brush and start creating something spectacular. Currently, there are multiple genres of art that are being practiced and followed all over the world but my favourite is the traditional Indian art.

The ancient paintings depicting the tales of Supreme beings, Gods, Goddesses, events from religious epics, and similar subject matters are quite fascinating in a very unique way. Amongst the traditional works, paintings depicting Radha Krishna especially captivate my interest and there is a particular reason for that.

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The story of Radha Krishna is something I could never oversee since the very first time I came to know about it. Krishna is a highly misunderstood Godly being in Hindu scriptures. A lot of people assumes that Radha and Krishna had an affair that didn’t last long, that’s it. But, if it was the case, how come Radha’s name is always taken before Krishna even 5000 years after their demise?

It is so because eternal, platonic, and consciously active love swims the ocean of time. The tale of Radha Krishna is not normal. Even the artists that draw the mesmerising depiction of Radha Krishna are sometimes not able to understand the true spirit of these characters.

Radha and Krishna loved each other truly, it was the relationship between a soul and its creator. When Radha asked Krishna why he can’t marry her, the reply came “Marriage is a union of two souls. You and I are one soul, how can I marry myself?”

It deciphers that Radha and Krishna were two half of a complete full. Krishna even told Radha “Nothing can set us apart, be it time, distance, space, water, fire, universe, nothing. Our love is eternal and will stand till the last possibility of life exists in this universe.

Radha, who was married to another man, devoted her life to Krishna, by fulfilling her duty as a wife, mother, etc, but only loving Krishna in her heart. It is also said that, during the final phase of life, Radha worked as a maid in Krishna’s palace, just to be close to him.

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These are the reasons that the representation of Radha Krishna is my favourite Indian traditional art. Hanging such artworks at the wall space of your home would offer an ecstatic and blissful environment around you. After all, there are multiple lessons that the enchanting story of these two supreme souls shower for us.

Enriching life lessons from the life of Radha Krishna


1.     Commitment towards your partner

As per belief, Radha was an incarnation of Goddess Shakti and was one of the most avid devotees of Lord Vishnu. Now, Krishna was the avatar of Vishnu, So, automatically, Radha was drawn helplessly towards the glamor and charm of Krishna. The vivacious traditional Indian artworks also showcase that Krishna is playing flute in the center and various Gopis have surrounded him, mesmerised by his music and his overall aura. Radha is at the center with Krishna, and the entire scene looks nothing less than an epitome of spiritual consciousness flowing ferociously. The devotion and commitment of Radha towards Krishna is something we can choose to learn and implement in our daily lives.

2.     Patience is the key

Radha is an ideal example of how patient a true love should be. She adored, worshiped, and irretrievably loved Krishna. When Krishna was about to leave Vrindavan, Radha was shaken, sad, but she knew that the association she has with the creator won’t be faded with time. This is why she patiently fulfilled her duty and waited to meet her creator again. This is what her ardent commitment teaches us; to be patient in a relationship.

3.     Your love is your strength

Traditional Indian art is a perfect representation of what an ideal relationship should be. Krishna always considered Radha as her strength. Radha never weakened Krishna, but bolster him to move ahead. Krishna had a long line of gopis who were ready to submit at his command. But Krishna already lost his heart to Radha and hence it always strengthens him to stay on the path of righteousness and honour.

4.     Connection of consciousness

The tale of Radha Krishna painting depicts a sacred relationship between two souls. You need to understand that there was no insecurity, jealousy, and rift in the hearts of either because the heart of Radha and Krishna were connected at a soul level and the reality of physical presence seems quite teeny in front of the consciously bridged relationship. We should hence try to make a connection with our partner at a higher level.

5.     Love is Sacrifice

Loving someone doesn’t mean that you require to stay with that person physically. The concept of pure love is so aesthetically displayed in the epic of Radha Krishna. Today’s couples need to comprehend with the relationship of Radha Krishna. Since both of them knew that they were always together in the spiritual realm, the essentiality of being with each other doesn’t hold much weight. Krishna and Radha are a pure example of how the first and last step of true love is giving.

Final Words

There a lot we can learn from the magical tale of Radha Krishna. Hang one of these mesmerising pieces of traditional Indian artworks in your home space and experience the enthralling presence of true love. Thanks!