In this age of technology and the internet, the online art market has registered impressive growth. We are not only witnessing the transformation in terms of how art is being sold, but also a revolution in the type of art that is being bought. In the past few years Online art galleries have brought about a paradigm shift in the art industry and acted as boon for young and upcoming artists. These online galleries have provided young artists with a hassle free platform to showcase and sell their artworks.

If you are an emerging artist who is considering selling his artwork, then chances are that even though you want to sell your artwork, you do not really know where to find the buyers. Let us come to terms with the reality, the conventional way of selling through a brick-mortar gallery or dealer is tough for emerging artists. Many art galleries do not entertain amateurs. Even if they do, then the commissions are so high that it becomes almost impossible for a budding artist to collaborate with them. Some galleries take as much as 50% or even more of the selling price of an artwork. No wonder, budding artists starve nowadays.

It is the time for artists, who thought that art could only be sold through traditional art galleries or dealers, to wake up from their deep slumber. Internet has empowered artists to sell their artwork on their own. One does not need to be a marketing maestro to sell his work online. Artists both established and novices are raking in the Google by selling their artworks online. The amount of money offered over internet is insane. Many artists are making full-time living selling their artworks over the internet. Internet gives emerging artists the opportunity to penetrate the online art market and shape its future. Social media, online art galleries and individual websites – they all have to offer something unique.

If you are an emerging artist who is willing to enter this expanding visual art market over the internet, then we have some tips for you that will help you get started.

Understand the difference between networking platforms and online sales platforms

Online sales platforms are platforms that are designed specifically to generate sales from potential customers and clients, whereas an artist’s website and social networking platforms are indispensable interacting tools that are created to help manage pre-existing clients and customers. While social media is seldom considered a viable medium to buy online art, the websites of artists are turning inconspicuous on the internet.

Unleash the power of internet

So, you are selling your work online; that is great. Let us give you a hundred-dollar advice — Refrain from using the internet as the medium to dump your inferior work. People over the web are very choosey and will not take a moment to dismiss any substandard work. So, unless you want to leave dejected, try and keep up with the standards that you have set for yourself.

Keep your ties intact with the traditional offline art market

Be professional and NEVER challenge the market prices of an established gallery online. Online sale platforms do not make substitute for the traditional offline art market, but they are supplementary sales tools that complement the traditional market.

Be proactive and keep your options open

Becoming a member of various online art galleries and sales platforms is a good idea. They offer great accessibility and options to art buyers and adopt different operating techniques, thus attraction different buyers for different reasons.

Keep information up to date

More often than not, online art selling platforms do not have experienced and dedicated teams to answer buyers’ inquiries and resolve their concerns. In such cases, buyers have to rely on the information provided by artists; therefore, it becomes all the more important to provide 100% accurate and up-to-date information.