When an artist picks up his brush to engrave something from his thoughts on the canvas, the entire process is mesmerizing. The manner in which hand, eye, and mind coordinate beautifully to generate a majestic piece of art is something that comes from inside and no book can make you learn it.

What can be taught is how to market your art so that you can get the real cost of your hard work. Let’s admit it, if you have a flair for creativity you should also have some idea of how to promote your art to the right art aficionados.

As an artist, you have different segments of buyers. Majority of the buyers are the ones that would buy from you only once. Some will be regular, but a significant chunk of buyers would be art collectors too.

You have to understand the difference between collecting and purchasing. A purchase is usually done impulsively and it majorly depends on the liking of the patterns, colors, themes, and so on.

Collecting an art, on the other hand, is a well-planned step with specific purchase objective. It is also a long process as it takes years to complete a collection.

Now, to attract art collectors you have to be a kind of pro-active, especially on the internet. This is a time of technology and the emergence of so many online art galleries is crying out loud for artists to leverage on it.

One of the best tactics is to start an art blog. Most of you artists must be having an art blog I’m sure. But is it offering you the result you were expecting? If it does, it’s great!

How can Contemporary Artists Build a Business From their Art?

If it’s not, there is something wrong, right?

This blog is going to give you a walkthrough the tips that are going to help you in producing an impeccable art blog that will amaze the art collectors. Let’s begin:

Keep the right focus

One big blunder new art bloggers do is that they jot down a lot of stuff about art theory, history, and particular painting tactics.

You may be thinking what’s wrong with that?

Well, nothing as such, except if your content is more of the educational, the audience you are meant to get is other artists.

An art collector would not like to read an exhaustive blog on the color theory.

First of all, do some homework and find who the perfect collectors you are looking for?

Once you shortlist your favorite collectors, seek their interests. Get to know their inspiration or reason to like art.

All these aspects should be considered when you are penning down an art blog. It makes you create such compelling content that draws the right art collectors to your blog.

To this, I know a lot of you artists are going to disagree. I know quite a few artists like to provide instructional videos to generate interest in their work. Producing the how-to content is also the part of this strategy.

The elemental factor is avoiding to go into detail because no art collector is interested in-depth knowledge about such process.

Shower your passion in words you write

You are an artist, you know you can imagine some awesome stuff. That’s how you come up with the themes and designs for your paintings. It may be contemporary art or abstract, or traditional painting.

Whatever it is, you have that creative flair, right? So, always remember that when you are scribbling down the words they should be embellished with the zeal you have for art.

All the art collectors love to follow the artist who is quite passionate about what he/she does.

How does Contemporary art echo our society?

Remember, being an artist, you are nothing less than a brand. So, always make sure to express your artistic feelings through your blog. Do not waste time in writing something that is trendy but is exactly opposite to your personality.

Always be who you are and be fearless to reflect the same in your content too.

Keep a smooth balance between writing for your audience and keeping your opinion intact, but you should just keep talking about you want to. This is ultimately going to get more art experts to your blog.

Set the theme

For successful blog generation, the first two-three blogs are the most significant ones. These are the blogs that offer an insight into what your artistic vision is, your inspiration, your techniques, your themes and so on.

In the world of content, these sorts of blogs are referred to as ‘Pillar Content”. So as an artist, it is your responsibility to generate some appealing pillar content for your art blog.

Generally, pillar contents are way longer than average blogs. So, make sure to do some research and then start the blog.

Hi-grade pictures

It goes without saying. Art collectors do stick to the artists who use high-quality images of artworks on their blog.

Including images in each of your blog would offer your art blog an upper hand.

Be timely

The more consistent you are going to be with your blogging schedule, more art collectors are going to read your content.

Best is you create a blog on daily basis.