Rich, diverse, and enthralling, there is something gloriously satisfying about the genre of landscape art. Though it became a recognized form of art in the late 16th century, it has been mesmerizing humans for thousands of millennia. Be it the raging blue deep seas, majestic topography, lush green forests, luminous seascapes, lofty mountains, beaming sunrises and sunsets, the panoramic splendors of the countryside, or even hazy daytime skies, there’s something special about nature paintings. Let’s dwell on knowing more about this art of serenity and what makes them an excellent option to adorn your home.

  • Definition

Landscape art is the depiction of the natural landscape, where the main subject is created in a wide view, with its elements organized subtlety into a coherent composition. Also known as nature paintings, these canvases often capture mountains, trees, rivers, fields, seashores, forests, valleys, coasts, and other natural scenery. Though the sky is almost always included in the composition, the weather is also a recurring component of the view, sometimes it may or may not include man-made structures and humanistic elements as well. These landscape views captured may be entirely imaginary or copied from existing reality with varying degrees of precision, and this is what makes these compositions all the more interesting.

Talking about its evolution, the choice of nature as a specific subject matter for art is a relatively recent phenomenon. Until the 16th-century landscape was only confined to the background of portraits or paintings primarily featuring religious, mythological, or historical subject matter. Like all artforms, the landscape also evolved over time, experiencing significant changes and influences, finding different interpretations across centuries, but this old age genre still holds strong roots in the past.

  • Reasons To Buy Landscape Art

landscape art painting

Imbued with magical qualities of serenity and depth, landscape artworks have the ability to make your environment more ambient and rejuvenating. Adorning your walls with stunning canvases of natural scenic beauty can enliven your space in a jiffy and amp up your home’s style quotient.

Still not convinced? Here are some more powerful reasons to motivate you to indulge in landscape art.

  • Brings nature indoors

Everyone loves to dwell outdoors and relishes its presence around, but the hustle-bustle of life makes it challenging to spend quality time with nature. However, you can still indulge in the natural bounties inside your home by dressing those blank walls with landscape paintings. Replicating natural sceneries, this art form is the perfect tool to reconnect with Mother Nature. Bringing a bit of nature into your home these spectacular scenic pieces vivify every stark corner with their beauty.

  • Timeless Beauty

Indeed, the landscape is a timeless subject matter. While most art styles such as pop art, cubism are passing fad — come and go, a quality nature painting will never become passe, it will be as beautiful in a period of fifty years as it is today.

Depicting reality in its purest form, investing in nature paintings is a smart thing to do.

  • Sets the mood

No matter what’s your style, adding a colorful piece of landscape art to your windowless interior wall can instantly open up your room. Gorgeous contemporary landscape painting can serve as a stunning focal point for contemplation in your living room, and offer a break from every day, especially when you don’t feel like stepping outside to recharge.

As every landscape artwork construes a certain mood, they are incredible tools for evoking emotions and creating an atmosphere. For example, a painting of a glowing sunset can make you experience that warm feeling and a sense of wonder.

  • Soothes the soul

Being in nature makes you feel better emotionally — reduces stress and improves mood, at the same time contributing to your physical wellbeing. Also, a number of scientific studies have elaborated that spending time in nature can help lower cortisol (often known as the stress hormone) and blood pressure levels in humans, and significantly aid to alleviate the issues of depression and anxiety. As humans are naturally drawn to the vastness in the scenery, the ever-infinite sky, the depth of field captured on the canvases instantly gives a sense of tranquility and calming quality.

Particularly, in this time of pandemic when very few of us are venturing out of homes, much less visiting the nature preserves, landscape art can be a great way of bringing the peace and joy of nature into homes.

beautiful beach landscape art painting

  • Inspires Wanderlust

Yearning for a holiday but unable to get away due to your work constraints?  Display a landscape artwork of an exotic destination or a striking seascape that is on your bucket list. Viewing the splendid locales every day will uplift your spirits and help you fantasize about the spot until you get the opportunity to head for a vacation.

Not only this, you can consider decorating your walls with beachy art, seascapes, harbors, etc. to remember your vacations. Compacting your well-spent holiday memories into a single canvas, these pieces will instantly reignite positive emotions, remind you of the most treasured stories, and keep the best parts of life with you every time you view your artworks.

Having a gorgeous travel inspired landscape artwork in your living environment will transport you to a different place, inspiring your wanderlust as well as that of your guests!

  • Choosing The Right Nature Paintings

Though choosing art is more of an intuitive process, from a practical point of view, decorating your home with nature paintings and other inspired artworks will require you to get involved in a multitude of aspects.

You will have to invest time in comprehending the subtle meanings of landscape art and put in efforts to carefully blend them with the existing decor items in a room. But don’t fret you, we have compiled some essential tips to help you guide your purchase and create a relaxing atmosphere in your home using landscape art.

  • Color and mood matters

Go for a landscape artwork that contains some of the most eye-catching colors from your room designs. A piece of work with similar or complementary colors can also work great. Take stock of the existing decor and furnishings — pillows, throws, curtains, and obviously the wall colors to create a palette of colors that you can look for in your nature-inspired artwork. For a mostly neutral room, you can infuse rich or colorful landscape art. Or, if your room already has plenty of color, texture, and pattern, look for simpler, more subdued art pieces.

Similarly, if your interior setting leans more monochromatic, dreamy landscape art is an elegant alternative while for rooms furnished with wooden walls, you can combine lush landscape paintings with a variety of plants to invoke the earthy powers of nature.

  • Position it correctly

Not every kind of artwork works well in every nook or corner of your home. Be mindful of the space you are planning to decorate before perusing landscape artworks. For example, a bedroom is a place for relaxation should be adorned with artwork that reflects the same feelings. An elongated calm landscape canvas hung over the head of the bed will make your private sanctuary look cozier. While for the kitchen, smaller bright and ethereal landscape paintings would work the best. Bursting with colors, these pieces would make you smile, and make your mornings easier.

large size landscape art painting inside bedroom

  • Consider size and scale

It is important to take into account the scale and proportions of the room while choosing nature paintings for your home. If you have a larger wall available or willing to display one statement piece to anchor your space, choose a large-scale landscape art to make a really big impact. Or, if you are looking for something plain and simple to finish out a nook, or add a little visual interest in a cozier space opt for smaller pieces.

If you are living in a smaller apartment, there’s no better way to incorporate color, texture, and character than using petite landscapes to fill the slivers of space.

  • Hang it right

No matter what kind of landscape art you go for, always ensure the artwork is hung correctly. Unaware of the importance of this aspect, many people end up with off-kilter rooms by hanging paintings too high. Ideally, wall arts should be hung at eye level so you do not end up looking down or up at it. While for spaces where people are usually sitting down such as a living room or dining room, you can hang the pieces a little lower than eye-level, roughly one hand width above the sofa.

  • Light it up

Though there’s nothing better than a beautifully lit piece of art, the importance of lighting the artwork is often overlooked. Doesn't matter how expensive or rich in texture, dimly lit pieces lose impact and look dull and muted.

Get the lighting right, and you will make your piece of landscape art-pop and accentuate the mood of the room, making you fall in love with your favorite pieces all over again.

All set to perfection, grab your cup of coffee, curl up on the favorite spot in your home, and enjoy the beauty of your art!

Wrap Up

So are you ready to create a soothing and vibrant ambiance in your home with some stunning artworks imbued with the elements of natural scenic beauty? Explore our curated collection of captivating landscape paintings by some of the finest artists!

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