Across the globe, artists try to communicate with their fans and other art connoisseurs through the medium of their artistic expertise. While some of them communicate through art, others prefer to sell their landscape murals and masterpieces.

Artists instinctively choose a landscape to paint. Many a times, they go for a still life painting because the scenery inspires them. Indian artists like Jiaur Rahman, Pankaj Sisodiya, Asim Paul, Bahadur Singh, Lavanya Venkatesh, Madhu Jain, Prasanta Acharjee and the others are famous for their landscape art pieces. They focus on sunrises, sunsets, seascapes, ponds, farms, trees, nature and hills; these pictures and sceneries are depicted in a surreal manner which enthralls the onlooker in the first glance.Many online Indian art collections have been dedicated to the works of the above mentioned distinguished artists.

Painting from photographs is also a common practice amid amateur as well as expert portraitists. As the French artists appreciate 'En plein air', most Indian painters also love to wander about outdoorswith their easel and canvas. Did you know exactly when working in natural light became popular? It was way back in the 1870s; soon afterwards, paints in tubes and "Box Easels" were introduced. It is the 21st century already and still, painting in natural light is widely practiced especially in India, because this is a land of natural beauty that has not been altered much.

Online landscape art galleries comprising of rare masterpieces have been dedicated to Indian landscape artists. The paintings in these collections are highly engrossing because teach one of them comprises of natural elements arranged into a coherent composition. While the Indian artistic tradition has a huge dimension stretching way beyond detailed landscapes, yet it is a distinct subject in most works of art.That is the reason why, Indian artists of the 21st century have adopted landscape painting as a sophisticated tradition of representing their key subjects.