Landscape painting is the depiction of physical world around us. This rare form of art comprises of realistic features that include elements of the nature such as mountains, water bodies, lakes, farms, forests, mountains etc. Very few artists in India have actually specialized in this art form and Mr. Pankaj Sisodiya is one of them. As an artist, his area of expertise includes water color landscapes. He is also an expert traditional artist who loves to create acrylic on canvas masterworks. 

Works of Pankaj Sisodiya at Online Landscape Art Gallery

'Care', 'The valley', 'Shikara', 'Bamboo trees', 'The boat', 'River' and 'Cottage' are a few masterpieces of Pankaj. Each one of these works-of-genius takes their inspiration from nature and its vivid hues. That is why landscape images by this artist are an abode to Mother Nature in full glory. He loves to capture seasons in a still form through his brush strokes. Flavors of summer, winter, spring and autumn are equally appreciated on his canvas. 

Most of his works are inclined towards water colors and can be found in many online landscape art galleries. Bright shades comprise of the basic medium of his expression. As I said earlier, he also specializes in moonlight works with the means of acrylic colors. All of his works are way beyond artistic indulgences; rather they are an effort to spread avital message which is 'Preserve the Environment'.

The painting 'Shikara' depicts a beautiful house-boat sailing in the clear waters of the Dal Lake in Jammu and Kashmir. Through this acrylic on canvas work, Pankaj wants to inform connoisseurs of his art about ways to preserve the environment so that nature becomes beautiful for us. 

By and large, landscape art is the depiction of detailed natural sceneries. These paintings are realistic to impressionistic and sometimes can be stretched up to the realms of romantic and idealized form of expressions. Pankaj Sisodiya is an artist who has mastered acrylic, water color, mixed media and even oil landscape painting. Therefore his Indian art collection is nothing less than an extension of nature itself.