India has a rich cultural heritage and the history of this nation reflects through numerous traditional art forms practiced here. This country has a large number of communities and each one of them practices a unique lifestyle. No wonder that Indian artists, for generations together, have got inspired by the country’s traditions. Thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings have been portrayed on canvas by such illustrators. 

Almost every single traditional Indian art painting in India involves rich colours and beautiful backgrounds. They incorporate an element of delight and vibrancy through the multiple hues and exceptional brush strokes. 

No wonder that art lovers across the globe have begun to explore the Indian culture through these art paintings. Such painting connoisseurs believe in the phrase which goes like this - ‘a picture can speak a thousand words’. It is a matter of great honour for Indian artists. After all, their paintings possess the capacity to conveyinner thoughts about their mother land India, its people, culture and lots more combined with the artists’ innermost feelings. 

In every Indian traditional painting, the core essence is more or less the same. Hues used on the canvas speak about numerous things, all at once, for they exemplify so much within such a small space! 

Some Indian artists make use of dark shades of grey, brown, black, deep navy blue etc. which are used in a monochromatic mode. A few eminent figurative artists in India make use of brighter shades to depict happiness and glee experienced during festivities while others, such as landscape painters, use bright shades in their portrayal of a pictures Indian landscape. 

The country is also home to numerous tribes; these clans have come up with age old forms of artistry which is practiced with the help of old-fashioned elements like rice paste and turmeric powder, on paper or a clay smeared slate. 

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