If you're new to the art world, you're likely to have a lot of questions about different genres of art and how to interpret them. Contemporary paintings can be difficult to define because it encompasses a vast range of concepts, themes, and subject matters. Contemporary painting is a type of art created and produced primarily by artists working in today's society. Paintings, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, and video art are common examples of this art form.

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Artists nowadays work in a variety of mediums that are culturally diverse, multidimensional, and technologically advanced. Contemporary paintings are both motivating and appealing to the eye. Viewers can be inspired and grasp the artist's vision to become a better version of themselves through this particular art style. Through their work, Contemporary paintings attempt to explore personal and cultural identity. Contemporary paintings use a variety of mediums to portray the complicated themes that have a big impact on today's fast-changing world.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand contemporary paintings and artwork- this is when one must start observing one made with the help of shapes, colorful patterns, and haphazard lines. If you want to learn about different Contemporary painting styles, recognize other works of art, and comprehend the message and sentiments represented on the canvas, this is the book for you. This article discusses the top 9 Contemporary painting styles that will help you grasp the artwork more quickly.

Abstract Art 

Unnatural objects, such as geometric patterns, shapes, and formats, are the source of abstract art. Simple, spirituality, and purity are depicted in this form of art, which is based on landscapes and humans. Colors, lines, textures, patterns, compositions, and techniques are all important in abstract painting. This is why abstract art is also referred to as nonobjective art or concrete art, as it frequently includes non-representational work. Abstract art has been inspiring audiences for more than a century. One of the most appealing aspects of abstract art is that it is easy to comprehend; all you need is an open, curious mind prepared to investigate the work.

Figurative Art 

Figurative art describes modern art that actually presents the problem of the real world through the use of the human figure. The ultimate goal of this type of art is to allow a realistic representation of life through the use of illusory features. In the world of Contemporary painting, this art style can also be used with other types of art such as minimalist, cubist, and abstract art to create masterpieces. Today, figurative art depicting human or animal figures is widely used to distinguish between representational work and abstract art. Famous artists have used figurative art for centuries in their artwork to represent intellectual concepts. Some depicted a royal theme, while other artists highlighted cultural values ​​in the form of sculptures, paintings, and portraits.

Geometric Art 

Just as the name suggests, geometric art is known to represent various kinds of shapes, lines, elements, points, and angles- just inspired by geometry. Here, a wide range of shapes and geometrical objects are used in different types, shapes, and sizes to create magic. 

Minimalist Art

Minimalism is a type of abstract art that uses various geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles. The main idea behind the use of this type of art is to represent reality without imitation. It represents different aspects of the real world, such as landscapes, people, experiences, emotions, and feelings. Minimalist artworks display a highly purified form of beauty, simplicity, truth, and harmony.

Still Life Art 

Still Life Paintings and dead sculptures are represented in Still Life art, which is one of the most important kinds of Western art. Almost any human-made or natural things, such as fruits, vegetables, food, games, and other inanimate objects, can be used in this form of artwork. Still, life painting is used in Contemporary paintings to show the celebration of material pleasures and to warn viewers of the brevity of human life.


Typography is a modern art style that arranges text and effectively conveys the information using current and modern typefaces—basically, typeface design letters of alphabets that represent specific techniques, sentiments, and corporate identification. One of the most essential components of Contemporary paintings design employed in the print and digital design industries is typography art.

Pop Art 

Pop art is a well-known artistic movement that arose in response to commercial societies, mass media, and consumerism. Commonplace objects, such as newspapers, comic strips, bottle cans, road signs, and other prominent commercial world products, are used to express a message in this form of artwork. Artists are allowed to include celebrity names, brand designs, and images in their work. Artists are unrestricted in their ability to draw inspiration from any source or thing. Pop art is easily identifiable by its distinct qualities, which are common in many classic art styles. Pop art is known for its use of vibrant, brilliant colors. The element can be used by artists.

Surrealism Art 

Surrealism is a philosophical and artistic movement that flourished in Europe between World War I and World War II. Surrealist art is primarily concerned with the exploration of illogical and subconscious ideas. Surrealist painters enjoy experimenting with many languages and things in order to communicate their innermost thoughts. Surrealist art is known for its fantastic visuals and lively imagery.

Sculpture Art 

Carving, modeling, casting, and constructing are the four primary methods used to create sculpture art. Carving is a sculptural technique that involves cutting a solid material such as wood or stone with various tools to produce a shape. Casting requires artists to create a mold and then pour a liquid material into it. Artists use soft materials like clay or wax to form up shapes during the modeling step. Bending, folding, stitching, welding, weaving, and other processes are used in the final stages of construction and assembly to create sculptures. Sculptures of a wide range of objects and materials are created using these techniques.

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