Every paintings gallery has ample of modern paintings. In fact, the collection is magnanimous enough to baffle the mind of any art enthusiast. Even though the veteran buyers are habitual of seeing a huge assortment of various art styles, the novice buyers aren’t. Maybe, that is why, whenever an art lover visits a paintings gallery for the first time, he feels nothing less than ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It’s like he has entered into an unknown world, where he doesn’t know exactly what the artwork he is seeing means or even worse what genre or style of art it is.

He just goes to the gallery to satiate his fancy to own a painting that can liven up the walls of the dull spaces of his place. But little do such art fans know that going to the gallery to buy a painting calls for a lot of gumption and knowledge. The presence of both of these qualities is necessary as the lack of any of these might make you fall into the trap of the forgers. Additionally, the absence of knowledge pertaining to art might make you pay more for a painting than what you should. Gumption will give you the sense to stay practical and be resourceful while buying modern paintings that fit your budget or look for the alternative of the work that is exceeding your budget.

Nevertheless, just like the above-mentioned things, there are several other tips for the new art buyers for buying artworks for their spaces. Take a look.

1. Start with a purpose

It will be tough for you to get a hold on all the art styles and genres. On the other hand, it is also true that entering into an art gallery without any idea in mind is quite stupefying. If you don’t know the art vocabulary, it is understandable but not even knowing the space you want to buy the painting and its color scheme will obviously sound quite naïve. The seller will also sense that you are a new buyer and he might overprice the artworks or sell you a fake one.  So, always have a purpose when you go to an art gallery. This will simplify the process of selecting a painting a lot more for you and the gallerist.

2. Know Your Budget

As we have already stated in this blog, seeing so many artworks will jumble your mind. When you will see so many modern paintings altogether your heart will fall for many of them. Because it will be your first time at buying art, you will buy paintings in haste instead of exploring everything patiently. That is why it is recommendable to set the budget before going to buy a painting. Remember there is no lower limit to buy a painting.

3. Get the best in your budget

After deciding your budget, you should focus on getting value for the money you pay. The work should look like it’s not just worth the money but something that looks like the best deal. Buy a painting that is medium to large in size. Apart from this, a good way to buy exquisite and unique paintings in a budget is to buy the paintings of budding artists. Also, don’t shy away from asking the gallerist if the prices are flexible.

4. Ask about the work’s story

It is important to know what the art you hang in your space means. There are two major reasons for the same. Knowing about the art you buy will make you feel more connected to it. Besides, it will also save you from the embarrassment of not knowing the meaning of art you have hanged in front of your guests. Art is certainly a conversation kick starter. Hence, knowing about the work you have hanged is quintessential.

Gather as much knowledge as you can about the work you are buying. Ask the gallerist about the artist, his background and his source of inspiration. Some cool facts about the painting you buy will startle your guests surely.

5. Buy what you love

Understanding art genres and styles demands some time. No one can learn them in a jiffy. The more you will explore the works online and offline, the more you will develop the understanding of what you like. Learn to go with your instinct while sticking to your budget.

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Happy buying!