Now-a-days art is being used in public spaces in different forms and styles. At times it gives a message, and at times it is just for entertaining people. There are so many forms in which art is being used in public areas like street art, nature with art, paintings and sculptures in metro stations or airports or gardens.

Street art is the art which is done on the streets. This kind of art is usually opposed by the government as public space is used in it. It can involve traditional graffiti which involves sticker art, stencil graffiti, street poster art, wheat pasting, art intervention and street installation. It is spreading as popular art work throughout the lands and it shows us the impression of youth and energy.

Art is also being used at the metro stations in the capital city, Delhi. Patel Chowk metro station has an art museum; other metro stations also have different paintings and sculptures installed in them.

The terminal II of Mumbai airport has turned into a Indian art gallery this year, so that people who come to the airport can see the amazing pieces artwork there. The contemporary 3D installation, video animations and ancient artifacts dating back to the 10th century are also displayed in this gallery. Besides the Delhi International airport also has an interesting mix of installations that please the eye and attract attention.

A view of the newly inaugurated terminal of ChhatrapatiShivaji International Airport in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

These days nature has also become a part of art for the public spaces. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress, and also helps you to feel close to the nature. Living sculptures with plant bodies form an essential part of such displays. These displays not only are aesthetic to look at but also go hand in hand with the green building concept.