Indian art paintings have always strikingly articulated cultural diversity and heritage of the country. This has been divulged magnificently by the painters through the medium of paintings since the time immemorial.

Broadly speaking, one of the main roles played by the art throughout the ages is spreading of the desired messages through pictorial representation to the masses. From the hidden symbols in art in the prehistoric times to modern love memoire sent through pictures, veiled messages in art hold far-reaching charm for the artist. 

Among diverse forms of Indian paintings, wildlife art is one such form that has gained new heights of popularity worldwide. Interestingly, there are some distinguished artists who have beautifully depicted different species of insects in art. Each such painting does reflect different meanings which are not known to all of us. 

Through this article, we would like to throw light on the different types of paintings of insects that reflect one or another symbolic meaning:

  • Butterfly- Butterflies have always remained prominent in the Indian paintings online. A painting of butterfly not only reflects the beauty of nature but also symbolizes the life cycle, regeneration and resurrection into a new life after being inside a cocoon for a time period.

  • Moth- Most commonly we come across moths that are small and drab brown. But, there are uncommon and beautiful moths that are even found in different parts of the world. And, as per the records, approximately 10,000 species of moths are there in India. Evidently, for this reason, the moth has always come out as the second-best attractive looking insect as compared to butterflies. Well, a moth in a painting is a representative of sensitivity, power and development. 

  • Bee- Bees in wildlife art painting are a remarkably versatile symbol. It exemplifies wisdom, fertility, meticulousness, prudence, pureness and chastity in paintings. In some, customs the bee was considered as a symbol of the sky and the stars and it also contributed to the formation of the world, simply by supporting the gods in the war against evil. It also symbolizes hope because they are relatively subtle, and are considered as a reminder to the delicateness of life.

  • Dragonfly- Undeniably, artists have never ceased to mesmerize the spectators with the magnificent creation of Dragonfly in paintings. Dragonfly has been considered as the symbol of transformation, velocity, new beginning and change.  Apart from this, in some cultures, they even exemplify new light and elation. The painters always feel attracted towards them and try to portray the beauty of this pleasing to eye insect on canvas.

  • Ladybug- Ladybugs have incredible representation from different cultures all across the globe, which makes them a wonderful theme for an art painting. They are considered as the bearers of luck.

  • Firefly- Children and adults of all ages have always felt mesmerized with the thousands of tiny light flashes in the dark. Well, these fireflies do hold different significance and represent revitalization, adolescence, hope, new beginnings, and young love symbols in art. 

  • Spider- Spider has its own unique significance in paintings. But, it does hold different meaning depending upon how the painter has painted it on the canvas. Here, as a case in point, let's suppose if a web is placed near a person in a painting it signifies the person as one who plots destruction. Broadly speaking, a spider web is symbolic of the monarchy. In some cases, they are believed to be the symbol of luck and happiness as well. 

In a few words: Accentuate your living room with mesmerizing wildlife art paintings. Browse through our Indian art gallery online and feel more close to the mother earth.