Art is nothing but a way of communication or expressing views on something. There are several categories of paintings. Some paintings draw a line in your heart, some have the feel-good factor and some are stress busters. Art lovers move by some unique paintings and images which stay for a long time in the heart. The impact is one of the main aspects of a painting. It leaves some important messages for the art lovers.

Modern art is one of the art forms which are immensely popular among the art lovers. This type of paintings has in-depth sense and something more to offer than bright colorful canvas. Modern art reflects on the happenings of a day today life. There is a misconception that this type of paintings is basically urban oriented. Rural societies are also depicting in modern art paintings.

This blog speaks about a modern art named 'Bubblegum'. I have seen it on the internet and thought that I should write about the painting. The painting features a girl making a bubble of chewing gum. The best part of the painting is the expression been portrayed. As per my understanding, the girl in the painting is modern and absolute carefree and unabashed but there is a spark in her eyes. The painter has tried to reflect the modernism with innocence. The painting is expressive and it makes people think.

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