Today’s modern homes are embellished with subtle white wall paints, smart devices, home automation, and modern furnishings for interiors. If your space has been designed in modern style, most likely, you have reflective surfaces in steel, glass, etc., natural wooden interiors, natural light with unadorned windows, modern furnishings with clean lines, and more.

Wondering how to blend art into your modern home?

Among all artforms present in the world, the most obvious choice is Modern art. Modern art paintings is distinguished for its forward-thinking artists and is the late 19th and early-to-mid 20th-century art, celebrating natural materials, eliminating useless details, and using earthy colours, modern paintings have their distinctive style of decorating spaces. 

Modern painting’s exquisite aesthetic makes it the best artwork to have at home for an eclectic range of styles. If you are looking for an artwork that introduces re-imagined and re-interpreted values of expressions in an unexpected contemporary manner, modern artworks are the choice. 

cityscape abstract art

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/cityscape-abstract/16796

To select the best modern artwork for décor, you need to first know the major movements of modern art. Here we bring incredible evolution of the artwork to trace its differing compositions. Let’s talk:

  • Impressionism- 

Introduced in 1872, this modern painting movement challenges the rigid depictions of the traditional painting style. Drawn by Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas, the art form once ruled the French painting style. 

  • Post-Impressionism- 

Started in the 1890s, this modern art movement signifies the importance of subjective interpretation over realistic illustration with significance to artistic freedom.

  • Fauvism- 

Founded by Les Fauves, André Derain, and Henri Matisse, the art movement talks about the importance of individual perceptions depicted in abstract forms. 

  • Expressionism- 

This is an experimental approach taken by painters in Germany and Austria before World War I. This modern art movement displays a charm towards bright and artificial colours in their representations. 

  • Cubism- 

The shift of modern art towards abstraction is marked in Cubism. It highlights a subjective tactic to creating an artwork. Also known as topsy-turvy paintings, cubism was pioneered in 1907 by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. 

  • Surrealism- 

This genre of modern art painting depicts the artist’s real imagination. A team of virtual artists- Max Ernst, Man Ray, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, and Yves Tangu founded it. 

  • Abstract Expressionism- 

This art medium talks about emphasizing colour, composition, emotion along with the artist’s creative idea.

Now that you have an idea of different forms of modern art, you can pick up the one that goes with your taste and home décor, but not before you also keep in mind certain do’s and don’t’s. We have some tips you can consider before you finalize the art pieces:

Single Large Modern Works

nature pallette

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/nature-pallette/17228

All set to have modern art paintings for your living and bedroom space? You can pull together any décor statement alluringly by simply adding a twist of colors and shapes. Large and colourful modern paintings like the ones by Mark Lawrence can be a striking wall art to adorn the walls of your living area. 

Use a large modern art print in vibrant colours against the wall to have the best effect. Large prints are eye-catchy and bring better impact than small prints hung over a big blank wall. 

If you are reforming the entire décor and want to add the avant-garde aesthetic of modern art, your colour story can help a lot. Look for large colourful pieces placed adjacent to a beige sofa and rug ensemble. The Expressionism movement of modern art talks about the same!

A Relaxing Modern Art

buddha art

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/buddha-art/15494

Modern art forms are not harsh rather bring in a soft touch. Suppose you want a modern art piece for your bedroom, how will you select it? Bedrooms are a place of relaxation, so to reflect that select soothing colours or tones with artworks placed opposite the bed or on the front wall. 

Go for matching designs by having the bed cushions in the same colour as the artwork. Pink prints help introduce a soft décor statement, so choose large modern pieces in the same colour to be hung at eye level.  

Modern art is celebrated for its forward-thinking ensemble, so you can use one with the right choice of colours for a warming effect.

A Gallery Treatment

a gallery treatment artwork

Source- onekingslane

Modern art paintings highlight the re-imagined styes of the preceding century. To decorate your home with this art form, you can also go for a gallery treatment style that has multiple art forms styled together. Since modern artworks superbly complement various forms of décor, you can complete the look of your gallery with candles, figurines, small flower pots etc. 

While displaying multiple art styles in a gallery treatment, remember to stick to a single colour. Having a blast of colours here will deteriorate the view of artworks, thus sticking to a limited colour palette is suggested. You can go for multiple size frames hung closely, however; the frame construction should not be much dissimilar. 

Modern Art with Traditional Interior

modern art with traditional Interior

Source- onekingslane

Have you designed your home in a mix of modern and traditional style? Modern art comes to your rescue in such fusion design as well.

You can enhance the mesmeric beauty of modern paintings by placing them against detailed decorative statements and traditional furniture. Yes, you heard it right! Modern artworks do not have the compulsion of being placed against a contemporary interior only. Contrarily, these artworks do well with traditional interiors too. 

You can hang vibrant modern art paintings close to mahogany furniture, above a wooden storage cabinet, or over a wooden shelf of drawers. You can also use a modern print to enhance the view of your crockery case with intricate carvings where you display your silver serve ware. 

Wrap Up:

Modern art allows the freedom to experiment with décor statements embracing designs with an avant-garde aesthetic that starts with light and airy Impressionism to reaching the robust Abstract Expressionism. Refusing the traditional and academic forms of art, modern paintings innovate style with an intellectual content. 

The above suggestions will surely help you renovate your home’s interiors with perfectly placing modern artworks to enhance the overall look. If you wish to buy an extensive range of modern art, check out our expansive collection available online at https://indianartideas.in/ in the most affordable ranges.

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