Paintings are a beautiful form of art. Mesmerising and enticing in its appeal, paintings have been around for centuries to express what the words couldn’t. However, sometimes they end up expressing the dark side. The movies have conditioned us that ghosts are present only in squeaky mansions and foggy cemeteries, but paranormal experts beg to differ. According to them, spirits can dwell at any place or object, and once they latch themselves on to something, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. Generally, spirits feed on emotions and negative energy. As artists invest their feelings and emotions while creating paintings, these end up becoming a hot spot for the demonic commotion.

Majority of the paintings mentioned below belong to the era of modern art paintings. They may seem harmless in the first place, but are notorious enough to spread fear and cause harm to those who dare to get close enough. While there is no strong confirmation of haunting with the critics and investigators who have tried to expose these eerie stories, there certainly are some evidence which demonstrate the unexplainable actions.

  • The Anguished Man:
    This is an infamous painting which has a rather frightening story in its backdrop. The artist of this painting isn’t known, but it is said that he used his own blood in creating it and soon after the completion of this painting, he committed suicide. The owner of this painting, Sean Robinson, has claimed that the artwork is haunted and strange unexplained events occur when the painting is hung on the wall. Sean inherited the artwork from his grandmother, who feared the painting and had experienced its gruesome action which is why she kept it in the attic covered in sheets for 25 years. After her demise, Sean hung the painting in his home, and that was when mysterious happenings started taking place. Screaming voices, shutting of doors, and appearance of fogs became a common phenomenon. Sean started recording the videos of the paranormal occurrences, and that was when the world got to know about this haunted modern art painting. ‘The Anguished Man’ still rests with Sean and has been hidden in his basement.
  • The Hands Resist Him:
    This painting was put up on eBay and has earned the title of the most haunted painting in the entire world. The artist of this painting, Bill Stoneham, drew inspiration from his wife’s poetry and his childhood photograph. Originally created for a local art gallery in the year 1972, three people who were strongly attached to this painting lost their lives. Only after its auction on eBay did its hauntings resurface. The family, which originally put up the painting for sale, stated that their daughter was getting haunted by the boy present in the picture. The little girl would wake up in the middle of the night to witness the boy and doll present in the painting come alive and fight. She complained that the boy would crawl out of the painting into the girl’s room in order to escape the doll, who held a gun in her hand.
  • The Portrait of Bernardo de Galvez:
    The list of top three most haunted paintings would be incomplete without a mention of this one. Bernardo de Galvez was a Spanish military leader who served the country and later went on to become the Viceroy of New Spain. Belonging to the era of modern art paintings, a portrait of him was made in his honour and was hung in the gallery way of a hotel named after him. Apparently, it is said that the spirit of the deceased Viceroy still haunts his painting. His spirit is neither menacing nor notorious and till now there hasn’t been any incidents of serious damage. Nonetheless, the presence of the spirit is enough to frighten employees as well as guests. The eyes of Bernardo de Galvez’s portrait follow the passer-by and they feel a sudden drop in temperature when they are in its close proximity. The painting holds strong dislikes towards being photographed and if its permission isn’t sought then the shots appear blurry or foggy. Only once the permission is granted does the photograph appear clear.

The prices of these paintings stand unknown and this is the reason why some consider them as an affordable art piece. However, even if they happen to be low in price, would you still like to purchase them?