India has a rich cultural heritage and is also home toa plethora of art forms. Today, contemporary painting style dominates this ancient land of the Maharajas. Any art connoisseur with an understanding of the modern day art forms and an inclination towards Indian artworks can observe a strong sense of design in the paintings made by Indian artists of the modern era. Eventhen, their works emit a traditional scent camouflaged within modern motifs that is visible only to trained eyes.

Photography, cinematography, videography and many other modern media forms have highly influenced the works of present day artists of India. With their influence, art geniuses have adopted a deep-seated approach of illustrating their creativity. Most of their masterpieces online are in fact a new way expanding the possibilities of Indian art.

Indian Art, Figurative art and Cubism

New technologies have been expanding the parameters of communication and travel as well as art. It greatly reflects in the works of Indian painters who are connoisseurs of the cubist and figurative art styles. These painting forms can be termed the first abstract styles in Indian modern art. Painters such as Manisha Koshariya, Rajesh Shah, S.K. Sahni and Priya Anand Pariyani area few artists who have mastered the intricacies of figurative art cubism. Their works adorn several figurative online art galleries. Some of the works of these eminent modern day Indian artists such as 'Space' and 'Reflections' by Sahni are acrylic on canvas works that are a representation of the various wave lengths of light.

Since the days of its origin, Indian Contemporary art depicting cubism has gathered numerous opinions. While the year 1907 was the starting point for this form of art on the global front, Indian audiences only recently begunto appreciate this art form. Today, contemporary art originated in India dominates art collections across the globe. Hence, even though this art formhas deep set roots in Picasso's 'Les Demoiselles d'Aviginion', Indian art especially thecubist styled works-of-genius foretell the future development of artistry in India.