Flowers have always irresistibly attracted the attention of painters through the ages. With the hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, we all have lost touch with the nature and are no longer much aware about the significance of the key components that makes it more beautiful and vivacious.

Earlier painters used to take up flowers as the main theme of their paintings to convey very specific messages about their subjects to the spectators. Each and every type of flower has a specific meaning associated with, which may vary in different cultures.

Let's dig deeper to have to a clear perspective about the symbolism connected to different types of flowers that we generally find in Indian art paintings:

 - Bamboo: Paintings of bamboo are usually recognized motif or subgenre of Indian art paintings. It has been observed as a symbol of longevity (it's always got green shoots) as well as power, vigor and elegance (it twists easily, however doesn't break easily). In Chinese ritual, the straight stem of bamboo represents the path towards enlightenment and each section of the stem are the steps leading towards that way.

 - Carnation: It is a symbol of betrothal or engagement. In China, a carnation flower is regarded as a symbol of marriage.

 - Forget-me-not: A low-growing plant with small, generally blue color flowers. As the name suggests, it is a symbol of a plea made by a lover to his or her beloved for remembrance.

 - Tulips: Tulip flower has always inspired painters with the inherent beauty it has. Like many other flowers, different colors of tulips do reflect different meanings, such as red tulips are most strongly related with true love.

 - Rose: Likewise tulips, roses even have inspired painters. To symbolize love and passion, red roses are the usually painted in the art paintings. White roses represent virginity and purity.

 - Sunflowers: Sunflower, as a flower blindly follows the Sun. It has been considered as symbol of have infatuation, passion and happiness.

 - Orchids: As per Chinese philosophy, orchids signify rare beauty, love, refinement and beautiful lady.

 - Lily: Symbolizes piousness, chastity, and virtuousness. White lilies symbolize the purity of the Virgin Mary.

 - Lotus: It is a common symbol that is mainly found in the Indian art paintings, the lotus symbolizes birth and rebirth. The underline fact behind this symbolism is that the petals open when the sun rises and close when the sun sets. It is also represent fertility, creation, and purity. The long stem of the lotus usually symbolizes our innate connection to our genesis, while the flower represents the enlightenment that all of us desire to have.

In a nutshell, would like to conclude by saying that each and every flower has its own mystic and deeper meaning. Browse through modern or contemporary art paintings and embellish your home or office spaces with beautiful and awe-inspiring flower paintings.