Contemporary art is nothing but a sub-type of modern art.

It essentially emerged in the post-World War II era and has since been a favourite art form for artists as well as art-lovers across the globe.

Basically contemporary art paintings can be classified into several types. But all of them are accountable for making this artistic genus interesting.

As an art connoisseur, many times, I get inspired by a favourite artist’s works. As a result, I feel like creating my own amateurish contemporary art.

The end result is always good enough to be framed for display! I have come up with a few easy steps to help you create your very own contemporary canvas.

Before we start, please make a note that you are free to experiment with your own brush strokes to bring out colours and feelings as per your own liking!

How to craft a contemporary painting?

Here is the step-by-step process that will help you to carve out an aesthetic contemporary painting on your own. Get your gear and be ready!

  1. Ensure that the canvas panel is placed against a steady easel large enough to hold it properly.
  2. Clip the pastel in place for a firm grip.
  3. The canvas must be upright and at your eye level at all times.
  4. Decide upon an inspiration, such as a picture or scenery or object or a person and so on.
  5. Study your canvas well and think whether you like neat geometric shapes in bright colours or simply minimalist brush strokes.
  6. These impressions are a clear depiction of the contemporary art type which you draw from your deep emotions.
  7. Keep a set of colour tubes ready.
  8. Squeeze the colours of your choice on a paper plate. In case you don’t have either, any disposable plate can be used as your palette.
  9. Choose 3 to 4 shades of colours which match your décor scheme. 
  10. Take a blob of the primary colour with your paintbrush to start working on your painting.
  11. Stroke the brush in a sweeping motion across the canvas to form a design which basically suits your thought stream and fancy.
  12. Keep in mind that basically there is no preset way to generate modern art on a contemporary pastel. Anything from scribbly lines to neat geometric shapes is acceptable.
  13. Now dab the second clean brush in the secondary color of your palette.
  14. Use this shade to add accents to your work of art.
  15. These differing tones give a minimalist touch to your contemporary pastel. Besides it also adds a different texture.
  16. Anything from wiggly lines across the canvas, to bright shapes can be dragged vertically on the design.

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Wrapping up

By now, you must have realized that creating Indian contemporary art is neither time-consuming nor expensive.

Rather it is a highly enjoyable hobby; practising the same will not only hone your skills but also help you to expand your private Indian art gallery!