It is often demanded that the artists should have the full authority of representing any organic or inorganic piece of their imagination onto the canvas in its basic form without any restriction.

However, when the portrayal comes down to nudity, not only every art collector, abstract art gallery but the painters too become dubious of keeping and making the same, respectively. Though, the times are slowly changing and people have developed the level of maturity required to accept and understand such paintings. In India, they are still a taboo.

Nevertheless, mentioned below are some of the top nude abstract painters of the modern and old times, who have followed their heart and imaginations’ calling and painted nude paintings passionately on the canvases even when these paintings were considered immoral. Read along.

TRACY EMIN - famous abstract artists

TRACY EMIN- She is often known as ‘the women exploring her own sexuality’ or ‘the bad girl of British art’. One of the most wealthiest and successful artist. They are lovely and simple nudes. ‘She Lay Down’ and ‘I wanted to love you more’ are the ones that every abstract art gallery wants to adorn. Her paintings contradict the prevalent societal norms and femininity ideals. Unreported rape, public humiliation, botched abortions, promiscuity and sexism are the topics which have been the themes of her artworks because she has faced them personally at some point in her own life.

JENNY SAVILLE - famous abstract artists

JENNY SAVILLE- Saville was born in 1970 on 7th of May in Cambridge, England. She is widely known for the portrayal of female nudes in her paintings. Living in Oxford, England, currently, she always desired to work against the ideal portraits and aesthetics of women made in the male-dominated social order. She paints every uncanny shape that catches her fancy in extreme exaggerated versions. The women in her paintings are malformed, harmed, plump or assaulted. They are made in a sculptural yet an elusive way which results in her unmatchable famous abstract paintings. In her recent works she is playing with figurative investigations by embracing the bodies intertwined.

AMY SILLMAN - famous abstract artists

AMY SILLMAN- Ammy was born in 1955 in Detroit, Michingan of US. She stays with her dog Omar in Brooklyn. She also has an abstract art gallery of her own there. According to her, abstract painting is the transformation of her thinking process into a physical form. Her paintings are a mix of feelings, ideas and emotional sentiments. To lend her illustrations a bold and expressive character, she often swatches a color broadly on the canvas along with other subtle color lines for the added contrast. She loves creating non-figurative paintings and the nudity in her paintings is prevalent in such a way that it would not be evident to any in just a glance. This is what makes placing her nude paintings in a space without any worry.  Her recent work, ‘A shape that stands up and listens 34’ is a beautiful current instance of her painting style.

GRIGORII PAVLYCHEV - famous abstract artists

GRIGORII PAVLYCHEV- Grigorii was born in Russia, Seberia in 1986. He later moved to St.Petersburg. Each of his painting shows his inclination towards fauvism and expressionism. He is endowed with excellent knowledge of colors and painterly abilities. In one of his many famous and loved nude abstract paintings, ‘Reclining Female Nude’ , a naked women is portrayed almost in the middle of the canvas and is surrounded by many colorful strokes which makes the painting quite exhilarated.

The most unique characteristic of his paintings is that they either have a plethora of colors or just black and white on the canvas. He says that he can find inspiration everywhere but the best thing to erupt ideas and emotions in him is music. This painter has also done his solo show few years back, in 2013.

JOHN CURRIN - famous abstract artists

JOHN CURRIN- Born in 1962, John Currin is an American painter who is based in New York City. Though, he isn’t precisely an abstract artist rather a figurative contemporary artist, his paintings are known for the provocative and sexualized elements in them. In recent years, Currin made it to the headlines of the dailies when his Nude painting ‘The Golden Girls’ was sold at Christies for approximately $2 million. He usually distorts and presents the erotic female body part in an exaggerated version and stresses that all of his paintings are an extended expression of him and are not inspired from any other real person.

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Now that you know about these famous nude abstract artists and their famous abstract paintings, you can surely think of buying one from an abstract art gallery you know of, online or offline.