Once you have bought famous abstract paintings, the next thing that you need to focus on is to decide the exact position where you want to hang it. But, have you ever wondered there are certain corners and spaces in your home, where you should certainly not hang an art painting? If you hang a piece of artwork at these settings, your painting will become vulnerable to extreme temperature, humidity or light.

And what will happen if they are exposed to harsh climatic conditions? They will definitely lose their charm and might crack. I’m sure no one wants that to happen after investing money on famous abstract paintings.

So, it is always wise to be aware of these places and steer clear of placing your valuable famous abstract paintings investments there.


#1 – Walls with direct exposure to sunlight

The place that holds first position in our list is wall that is exposed to direct sunlight. If you hang paintings on any such wall, they will be more prone to UV (Ultra-Violet) rays from the sun. The UV rays damage the artwork in different ways. It will have adverse impact on the molecules of canvas (or paper on which the painting is created), and upon quite a few exposure, the probability of drastic change in color of canvas is higher.

Moreover, the UV rays can also exert bad influence on the painting compounds. For instance, a watercolor painting when comes in contact of sunlight let’s say for 4hrs it will crack and tear. It also torpedoes the protective shield applied on the paintings and prints. The polish (or protective coating) on the painting will fade away and the surface will become shriveled causing further impairment.

Same is the consequence when you place the artwork under an artificial light. With the exception of newer LED light bulbs, all other light sources emanate UV rays that are over and above enough to harm your painting.

Solution to the problem- You can make use of UV protected glass on the frame or tinted glasses on windows so that UV rays doesn’t enter the room.


#2 Walls in front of air conditioners

The second wrong place where people tend to hand their precious piece of artwork is the wall just in front of the air conditioners. It’s a big NO! The biggest problem creator here is increased humidity. Therefore, if you have an AC in a room, we would suggest you to hang your painting on a distant wall.


#3 Kitchen or smoke zone

There are some art lovers who like to decorate their kitchen with beautiful and famous abstract paintings. Obviously, like any other room in your house kitchen too hold great significance. Why we said one should avoid hanging in the artwork in kitchen and smoking zone- Can you guess?

Of course, it’s humidity and heat. Unlike other space in the home, there is mix of oil fumes and heat that is released during food preparation is the havoc creator. Same thing goes for smoking zone also- well it isn’t an exemption – with carbon dioxide and nicotine in the air, the life of art painting will dwindle to a great extent.

Not convinced until now? Then we would say just try to keep a paper in your kitchen for a week and decide yourself.


#4 On the top of the entrance door

Have you noticed paintings placed right above the entrance door?  Due to religious inclination of devotees, people tend to hang paintings above the entrance door. They believe that by hanging paintings of God and Goddess will help them in getting rid of any bad influence or energy.

Whatever maybe the reason, this type of placement of artwork will do nothing good but certainly lessen the life of an art painting. Have you any idea why?

The answer is quite simple – these painting are more exposed to extreme weather conditions. Harsh heat in summer, humidity in monsoons and too much cold in winter, all in all can damage the art. So, if you want to preserve the artwork then you need to either avoid hanging it on the top of the entrance door or laminate it.  

Wrapping up-

We all put in so much effort and time to buy precious and famous abstract paintings for our personal and official space. Don’t let the effort go waste being careless. If you are planning to buy abstract paintings for sale, then make sure you keep these above mentioned points in mind.