Abstraction can be defined as the technique through which perceptions or ideas are derived from the practice and sorting of unembellished ("factual" or "tangible") concepts, principal ideologies, or other approaches. Simply put, the term "abstraction" is the outcome of this process-a thought or idea that acts as a clear-cut noun for all subservient thoughts, and associates any related thoughts as a cluster, arena, or sort.

Abstractions in the art may be reflected by pruning the content detailing of a concept or an apparent occurrence, characteristically to retain only information which is pertinent for a specific drive.

Various abstract art movements have been considered to be deeply ingrained in the aspirations of the artist who simply crafted something unique or out of the box, with or without any connotation. Due to this reason, the very nature of abstract art epitomizes ingenuity and imagination. Generally speaking, the abstract artist hinges mainly on the intuitive senses to paint what appears to be pleasing or say attractive to him or her without a fixed opinion from an external source or creation. Over and over again, it has been found that the abstract artists just love to portray untainted and artistic expression in the existing moment as if it were a form of introspection, shutting out the chatter of the mind and reconnoitring the depths of the soul. The same you can find or can say experience when you will surf through a wide collection of Indian paintings online.

Forming a connection with the existing moment is one of the ideal ways which enables the artist to completely go along with the flow and unravel a journey with the imagination. Giving an expression to uncharted realm can be more adventurous. Just like touching the unknown limits and experiencing something new. However, it is sometimes not possible for the artists to themselves predict the consequence always. The creation process can be equated to a rambling stream that gradually finds its best channel. There is no off beam path, other than the one that does not let the artist move from one place to another. With or without connotation, the aspirations of the abstract artist are always similar, to create and be innovative.

From the outward perspective, we would say that a number of questions and hypotheses can arise. The artwork that once had never been existent usually beckons the spectators either to look for the recognizable or perhaps not search it at all.  This is one of the beauties of all the forms of art, that the spectator wants to have what they feel captivated with and are touched by so much that they interpret it as if it was their own. Abstract art just happens to charm the senses of elucidation all the more because of its mysterious and enigmatic nature. Putting all theories aside, the naivete of abstract art when formed for expression's sake is truly just a pure form of art.

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