Art is a passion, and it takes an artiste to interpret the beauty of brushstrokes. Only then this artist gets inspired to paint his or her own canvas/paper. 

Abstract art is a form of painting that started many years ago. Over a century back, Wassili Kandensky, a Russian painter devised modern art and that is why today he is regarded as the father of modern art. This incidence was followed by the masterworks of Pablo Picasso who was later regarded as the father of abstract art. His main contribution to the art world is 'Cubism'; this technique revolutionized modern art in every way possible and gave birth to 'Abstract Expressionism'.

Today, several artists have earned fame in this art field. Van Gogh's works and Picasso's masterstrokes have inspired many time and again. Even Modigliani is a pioneer in this art hemisphere. This form of painting does not depict reality. Unlike traditional paintings that depict a photographic or realistic expression of a thing or person, abstract art distorts the same. It makes use of colors and shapes in a highly nonobjective and unrealistic manner. The core idea may or may not be a living person/thing. 

When I look at abstract paintings at Indian Art Collectors galleries, I observe the usage of bold strokes and vivid hues. Especially works byeminent artists such as S.K. Saini, Prarthana Chakraborty, Anupam Pal and Sudhir Talmale depict biometric shapes that stand out in the artwork. Sometimes these masterpieces do appear strange but they are not intimidating. Instead the captivating beauty of an abstract artwork can give you an insight into the artist's expressions and thoughts. 

As an art connoisseur or enthusiast, you must appreciate all forms of art. So whenever possible, you can visit some online abstract art galleries in your free time. Once you start studying these immaculate artworks, you will gradually begin to recognize the beauty of the odd art in an abstract painting.